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NADA’s Guiding Principles Put Dealers, Manufacturers on the Same Page

Published January 27, 2023


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America’s auto dealers and auto manufacturers haven’t always been on the same page when it comes to preserving the dealer franchise system. Now, thanks to NADA, these two pillars of the automotive sales industry have a better opportunity to see eye-to-eye on the top issues facing auto dealers.

“The Guiding Principles came about so that all stakeholders would know where we as NADA stand on the big issues,” NADA Chairman Mike Alford said during a Friday, Jan. 27, session on the Live Stage at NASA Show 2023.

NADA’s “Guiding Principles on Evolving Business Models and the Dealer Franchise System” were based on two years’ worth of conversations between NADA leadership, state and metro ATAEs, dealer councils and manufacturer reps. The principles outline NADA’s position on the major issues impacting the dealer franchise system, as well as common core values that both dealers and manufacturers can agree upon.

"We can’t negotiate on behalf of dealers, but we can relay concerns,” said NADA President and CEO Mike Stanton. “With this, we’ve gotten ahead of a lot of issues that are on dealers minds.”

Watch the entire segment on the new NADA Guiding Principles in the video below and tune into the Livestream from the Live Stage at NADA Show.

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