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NADA Show 2022 Spotlights Electrification

Published February 23, 2022


Maryann Malesardi

Maryann Malesardi

Senior Manager, Event Marketing

NADA Show 2022 is just a couple weeks away, and it’s going to be electric!

Dealers have questions. NADA has the answers. Get ready to EVolve your learning on this hot topic.

Super Session
With hundreds of electric vehicles quickly headed to showroom floors, it’s time for a candid conversation with industry leaders, EV experts and progressive dealers. Moderated by Jason Stein, President of motormindz and CEO of Flat Six Media, this Super Session will focus on product, partnerships and possibilities at the retail level.

We’ll start with a retail panel, on How to Build for Excellence in the EV Space: Seeking Solutions From the Showroom Floor to the Service Bay, featuring:

  • Jeremy Beaver, CEO, Del Grande Dealer Group
  • Liza Borches, President and CEO, Carter Myers Automotive
  • John Malishenko, Director of Operations, Germain Cars
  • Keith McCluskey, CEO, McCluskey Chevrolet
  • Renee Stephens, Vice President, Automotive, We Predict

Then, we’ll sit down for a one-on-one fireside chat with Volkswagen America CEO Scott Keogh on the brand’s transformation and reimagination.

Among the more than 100 workshops to choose from, you won’t want to miss these EV sessions:

  • Win in the EV Market
  • Marketing to an EV-Focused Future
  • Strategic Revenues with Solar and EV Charging
  • Introducing the Next Generation of EV Buyers
  • EV Charging Simplified: How to Compete with Tesla
  • The Dealership of Tomorrow: Is the Future Electric?

The Exchange

These peer-to-peer table discussions feature brainstorming and problem-solving among auto industry peers. NADA Show attendees select each Exchange session topic at registration, including Preparing for the Future of Electric Vehicles.

Electric Avenue
Think you know all there is to know about electric vehicles? Put your knowledge to the test as you stroll down Electric Avenue. Explore the automotive electrification evolution — from the very first battery-operated vehicle to the high-tech versions we know and love today. And we’ll highlight some EV dealers who are forging the path forward and successfully navigating the challenges associated with this emerging opportunity. The future is coming faster and faster. Are you ready?

Live Stage
Tune in, for timely EV news and updates each day.

EV Solutions Center
Visit the new EV Solutions Center, where subject matter experts will address issues one-on-one, present mini sessions, provide comprehensive step-by-step processes to successfully transition into the EV marketplace, and get you energized about this new opportunity.

  • How do I discuss range awareness when talking to EV customers?
  • What are the different connectors with charging stations?
  • How do we explain charging time for different public station options?
  • What is the best way for my customers to charge their vehicles at home?
  • What are the current federal, state and local incentives?
  • What is the most cost-effective way to get charging stations to my dealership?

What else is top of mind? Submit your EV questions and get ready to EVolve your learning NADA Show 2022!