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Happy International Women’s Day to all #WomenInAutomotive

Published March 8, 2019


2021 NADA Board Member Michelle Primm

Michelle Primm

NADA Board Member - At-Large East

Today is about celebrating women! And one of the best ways we can celebrate ourselves is to exercise self-care and maintain a good work/life balance.

Prioritizing our health and well-being—especially for women—is not always easy. We’re not just employees and business owners; we’re also mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and we fulfill many roles in our families. So, it’s important to take advantage of the resources that we have available through our employers—including flex schedules, work health fairs, and primary medical benefits like medical and dental. Staying healthy also means staying strong for the challenges ahead.

I’ve been reflecting back on all the amazing videos we’ve received this year for our #WomenInAutomotive video contest.  I’ve seen so many women accomplishing amazing things every day. The videos showcase how productive we are and how many opportunities are available for women in the auto industry. Watch these videos and you’ll see living and breathing examples of what we can accomplish when we set our goals and don’t let anything get in the way. And ask yourselves how you—or others—can be part of this great industry. Be an active and engaged member of your local state association; get to know your state association executives (ATAE); or even run for leadership positions or encourage fellow women to run.

As always: celebrate your stories, your peaks and valleys, and most of all your triumphs. They all make us who we are!

Stay balanced and centered.