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Female OEM Leaders on What Women Want in EVs

Published January 28, 2023


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Sheryll Poe


Women shopping for electric vehicle want the same thing in their EVs as they want in an internal combustion engine vehicle – safety, style and a comfortable buying experience, according to a panel of OEM executives at NADA Show 2023.

“Women are much more practically oriented. Body shape and type matters,” which means more demand for electric SUVs, Amy Stanley, Senior Manager of Advanced Product Strategy – Vehicle Portfolio for Toyota Motor North America, said during Saturday’s Live Stage session sponsored by NADA’s Women Driving Auto Retail (WDAR).

For women looking at EVs, one of the biggest concerns is charging – specifically, “how to do it and is it convenient,” explained Global GMC & Buick Chief Marketing Officer Molly Peck. That charging concern is actually an education and selling opportunity for dealerships and OEMs, Peck pointed out. “Something we’ve seen with women is they’re really excited about at-home-charging. It’s so convenient, and the prospect of not having to go to a gas station is really compelling,” she said.

When it comes to the buying experience, Audi America is putting a lot of thought and resources into improving the experience, something that women in particular care about, said Padmasri Yallapragada, manager of Retail Buying Experience at Audi of America.

“I think of my own experience buying a vehicle. It’s an intimidating experience and if we can complete more steps of the buying process online and at home, it really makes the experience more comfortable,” Yallapragada said.

Watch the video above to hear more from the “EVs From a Women’s Perspective: OEM Panel Discussion” session. And catch all the Live Stage action through our livestream.

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