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Dealership Employees in Central Ohio Raise $17,440 for NADA Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund



Charles Cyrill

When dealership employees at Performance Columbus in Central Ohio found out that dealership employees in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and California were hit hard by the recent hurricanes and wildfires, they decided to help.

Nearly 100 employees from the dealership locations of Honda Marysville, Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Columbus, and Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in Delaware and Toyota Direct in Columbus donated $8,720 from their paychecks to the NADA Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund. That amount was matched by the dealership group bringing the total to $17,440.

“When we brought up the idea of a company/associate match program to our group, I had no idea that we would be able to collectively come up with this large of a donation and be able to help at this level,” said Dealer Principal Bruce Daniels. “We are a small family of locally-owned dealerships that are very focused on community efforts, giving back both time and money. It is so encouraging to see that individuals can rally together and assist those in need.”

Dealership employees who sustain personal property damage caused by natural disasters can apply for financial assistance through the NADA Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund, which was established in 1992. One-hundred percent of the funds donated go directly to dealership employees and their families. (Lost wages or commissions are not eligible for reimbursement.)

“On behalf of the NADA Foundation, its trustees and the thousands of dealership employees that the Emergency Relief Fund has assisted over the years, I want to personally thank the employees of your dealerships for their unselfish generosity,” wrote NADA President and CEO Peter Welch in an email to the employees at Performance Columbus.

Since Hurricane Harvey in September 2017, more than $2.5 million has been donated to the NADA Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund.

“When tragedy strikes, the entire dealer family comes together,” Welch added.

In addition, the Ohio Automobile Dealers Association recently contributed $10,000 to the NADA Foundation; the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association contributed $5,000; and the Greater Cincinnati Automobile Dealers Association donated $2,500.

To donate online to the NADA Foundation’s Emergency Relief Fund, click here. Personal or corporate checks can be made payable to Emergency Relief Fund, c/o NADA Foundation, 8400 Westpark Drive, Tysons, VA 22102. For more information, call 703.821.7102. (Donations to the NADA Foundation are generally tax-deductible; contributors should consult their tax advisors for details.)

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