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NADA Show 2021 Expo Spotlight: Digital Retailing Companies

Published March 18, 2021


The landscape of vehicle sales continues to evolve, and more dealers are adopting contactless procedures to accommodate the digital car-buying experience many of their customers prefer. The 2021 NADA Expo connects you directly to many digital retailing products and technologies which offer digital solutions and innovations. Help your dealership expand its contactless sales program and thrive in the transitioning car sales environment by exploring what the 2021 NADA Expo has to offer today.

Though the live Show has ended, on-demand access to the Show’s sessions, as well as the NADA Expo, continues. Digital retailing exhibitors feature such products and services as digital marketing and advertising tools, prospecting products, web design and development products, inventory management tools, lead generation tools, BDC and CRM products, and many more.

In addition to digital retailing companies, the virtual NADA Expo experience provides you with customizable search options to ensure you get connected with the right products and providers for all your dealership needs.

If you previously registered for this year’s event, congratulations! You now have unlimited access to the Expo and on-demand program content until April 11.

For those who have not yet registered for the virtual NADA Show 2021, sign up today and enjoy special discount pricing. The auto industry event of the year is still up and running, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to shop and learn at your own pace. 

Log in now to start exploring the virtual NADA Expo hall and get familiar with the Digital Retail Section of the Expo. In addition, access customizable search options to ensure you get connected with the right providers for your dealership needs.

Still need to register for post-Show access? What are you waiting for? Register today and enjoy special discount pricing.

Post-Show Registration Pricing

  • Member $99 (includes International members)
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What You'll Get

View recordings of these timely keynote sessions, featuring Mark Wahlberg and Jay Feldman, veteran journalist Bob Woodward, Ford President & CEO Jim Farley, 2021 NADA Chairman Paul Walser, and new NADA President & CEO Mike Stanton, all hosted by 2020 NADA Chairman Rhett Ricart. See Live Stage interviews with industry experts on what's happening in the heart of the industry. View the Distinguished Speaker Series on leadership, and get into this year's Super Session on 'Diversity in Auto Retail', as well as 60+ additional education sessions from this year's show, all available on-demand. 

The Auto Industry Event of the Year is still up and running, so take advantage of this unique opportunity to continue to shop the Expo and learn at your own pace.

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