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NADA Live Stage: How Dealers Can Drive Success on Google



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Mobile changes everything, and that’s especially true for how auto dealers market and sell cars, said Peter Leto, head of Google’s Automotive Retail Sales division during a Live Stage appearance at the 2018 NADA Show in Las Vegas.

Today, smart phones are used to learn, be inspired and even buy things. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. More than 60 percent of all automotive searches come from a mobile device, and some of the top mobiles searches are related to dealerships.

“Mobile has brought instant gratification to the forefront,” said Leto. “This change in consumer behaviors is challenging existing business models. You have to be assistive and predictive.”

Google has tools to assist dealers and help them predict and respond to the needs of their potential customers through every step of the research and buying process, Leto said. “Google can help you get in front of customers in those micro moments.”

Leto offered nine concrete steps that dealers can take to lean into mobile marketing and unlock the power of Google for their business, starting with claiming your Google My Business page.

These tips and more insight can be found at special guide Google created specifically for auto dealers, which can be found at:

Watch more from this session in the video below.

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