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The Modern Dealership: Increasing Revenue Streams

Published February 15, 2020


Sheryll Poe, Profile Picture, 175x175

Sheryll Poe


“If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Madonna, it’s that we are living in a material world,” NADA’s Director of Video Production Eric Hunsaker said while kicking off this year’s “Modern Dealership” panel discussion at the Live Stage during the NADA Show in Las Vegas.

Trevor Gile, Motorcars Honda and Matt Gile of Motorcars Toyota, both in Cleveland, Ohio joined Hunsaker to share the innovations they’ve put in place at their dealerships—including retail-facing car washes, a donut shop and an independent in-house insurance agency--and how they’ve created unique experiences that bring customers back for more, all while saving on overhead costs and even increasing revenues.

Check out the video on this session and watch other live coverage all weekend from the NADA Live Stage.