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How to Build a Diverse and Inclusive Dealership Culture

Published February 16, 2020


Sheryll Poe, Profile Picture, 175x175

Sheryll Poe


Most dealerships are aware of the impact and importance of diversity and inclusion in their workplaces. But what can dealers do to promote more diversity and inclusion?

NADA’s Juliet Guerra and Walser Automotive’s Sherry Schultz discussed why diversity and inclusion can be a value proposition for dealerships and how to create a company culture that reflects today’s demographics, during a NADA Live Stage session presented by

Ask first and figure out what your people care about, Schultz said. “Diversity is what your employees tell you it is, so if you don’t ask, you’ll initiate programs and initiatives that may not resonate,” Schultz said.

Watch this video to learn more about how Walser Automotive created the Women of Walser (WOW) resource group and the Drive with Pride group for LGBTQ individuals and supporters, and the importance of leadership buy-in. And watch other live coverage all weekend from the NADA Live Stage.