Membership Dues

How are dues calculated?

For a single location dealership: Dues are based on the annual sales volume expressed in number of new vehicles sold per year, per rooftop location. If your dealership sells multiple franchises in one location, then we total the volume of each franchise under that specific rooftop to determine your dues rate.

For automotive groups: If you own multiple dealerships, NADA links them together and only the location with the highest sales volume, referred to as the anchor store, will pay regular dues rates as shown in the matrix below. All other dealerships associated with that anchor store will pay a flat affiliate dues rate of $205.

2017 Dues

New-car franchised dealerships:
Sales Volume Dues Rate
1 to 149 $205 per year
150 to 299 $315 per year
300 to 749 $650 per year
750 to 1,499 $735 per year
1,500 plus $1,015 per year
Affiliate dealerships $205 per year

New-truck franchised dealerships that sell only medium- and heavy-duty trucks or both cars and medium- or heavy-duty trucks:
Sales Volume Dues Rate
1 to 99 $270 per year
100 to 199 $470 per year
200 plus $680 per year
Affiliate truck dealerships $205 per year