In-Dealership Consulting

In-Dealership Consulting

Whether your operations need a tweak or a turnaround, there’s no better ROI than NADA 20 Group In-dealership Consulting.

In-dealership Consulting (IDC), an NADA-member service, brings the best practices of hundreds of dealerships directly to you—with a process that is designed to increase profitability and achieve affordable long-term results. This results-proven service is tailored to meet your needs by analyzing your dealership's operations and engaging your management team in developing the solutions.


The approach is simple.

  1. Find new profit opportunities and ideas that may not even be on your radar
  2. Fix what's not working using processes and best practices that stick
  3. Execute the solutions that are developed with your managers buy-in

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Establish Goals and Objectives

Consultant conducts an initial assessment with the dealer or GM to understand key issues impacting the dealership and the objectives of the IDC. Whether it’s one department or a dealership group, we help you manage better.

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Pre-visit Analysis

Consultant compares performance against comparable dealers using the industry-leading 20 Group composite and NADA performance guides.

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On-site Assessment with Management Team

Consultant conducts an on-site business review with the management team to assess performance. Operational gaps and hidden profit opportunities are uncovered by comparing your departments with NADA best-in-class processes and results.

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Develop Action Plan and Implement Best Practices

Consultant offers a menu of proven best practices implemented at other dealerships for your management team to incorporate into its action plan.

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Dealer/GM Review and Follow-Up

Consultant meets with the dealer or GM to review business opportunities and action plans the management team has decided to implement. Your consultant is always available for follow-up contact and visits as required.

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