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ATD Insider is a weekly e-newsletter that provides a summary of the top medium- and heavy-truck industry news stories.

 NADA's Code of Ethics reinforces dealers' personal commitment to quality service and high ethical standards.

 The NADA Director's Column is produced monthly by NADA Public Affairs and sent out by email and posted on It includes a message from the NADA Chairman, which provides commentary on NADA’s key issues, as well as timely articles that can be republished as news content in ATAE publications.

 NADA DATA is NADA’s yearlong analysis of the U.S. auto industry, with particular emphasis on the retail side of the business. NADA DATA is published annually. More frequent subsets of data include:

NADA Market Beat
ATD Truck Beat
Dealership Financial Profiles
NADA Guidelines
Used Car and Truck blog
 NADA Headlines is the daily e-newsletter that provides a summary of the top auto industry new stories. 

NADA University Online is the retail automotive and truck industry’s most comprehensive source for web-based education. NADA and American Truck Dealer (ATD) members and all their employees have 24/7 access to a variety of complimentary and premium training resources and solutions that aim to help improve dealership operations and profitability and keep members up-to-date with legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

 Regulatory Review tracks laws and regulations that affect dealers. It is mailed quarterly to state and metro dealer association executives and the NADA board of directors.