GreenDrivingUSA, a public service campaign of the National Automobile Dealers Association, was comprised of money- and gas-saving tips for consumers interested in reducing their overall greenhouse gas emissions. The focal point was the Green Checkups program in which member dealers offered customers a free analysis of their vehicle's operating systems that directly affect fuel economy and CO2 emissions, such as spark plugs, filters and tire air pressure.

While the program is now closed, NADA, an EPA Energy Star partner, and its member dealers continue to advocate that proper vehicle maintenance can save consumers hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year. NADA continues to urge consumers to pay special attention to motor oil type and amount, air filters, brakes, warning lights, tire wear and tire inflation pressure, evaporative emissions controls and reducing additional weight as keys to saving gas.

In addition, new-car and -truck dealers across the country continue to cut costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving the energy efficiency of their facilities, including installing energy-efficient lighting and windows, improving building insulation and recycling used waste fluids, cans, bottles and paper.