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September 2017
September was a strong month for new light-vehicle sales, with a year-to-date SAAR of 16.95 million.
August 2017
U.S. auto sales fell by more than 2 percent in August.
July 2017
U.S. light-vehicle sales were down in July.
June 2017
U.S. light-vehicle sales fell as expected in June.
May 2017
U.S. light-vehicle sales fell came in below expectations.
April 2017
Light-vehicle sales showed continued signs of weakness in April, with a SAAR of 16.8 million and a year-to-date SAAR just above 17 million units.
March 2017
March sales cooled with a SAAR of 16.53 million units, but the year-to-date SAAR was slightly stronger.
February 2017
February sales kept the SAAR flat at 17.47 million, even with strong light-truck sales.
January 2017
January sales started 2017 off surprisingly well with a SAAR of 17.48 million.



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March 2016
March came in far below expectations, with only 16.46 million SAAR light-vehicle sales, a steep fall-off from the previous month.
February 2016
February sales of 17.4 million SAAR are up 1.1 million over last year, helped by President's Day sales and an economy that seems to be outpacing equity markets.
January 2016
It's been a rolling start to the new year. Despite recent snowstorms, new-vehicle sales hit a 17.5 million SAAR in January.