NADA Affinity Provider: SeventhKnight

NADA Affinity Provider: SeventhKnight



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Seventh Knight offers its cybersecurity products and services to help protect automotive dealerships nationwide from Ransomware Attacks and Zero-Day Exploits and to aid in meeting FTC Safeguards.

AppMoat is a Security-as-a-Service solution built with patented endpoint code isolation technology. Backed by a Security Operations Center that monitors and protects 24/7/365, AppMoat immediately isolates and contains potential threats while trained Security Specialists evaluate the validity of the potentially malicious application. Lightweight and optimized to safeguard endpoints running modern or legacy Windows Desktop and Server operating systems; AppMoat even supports Windows XP and Server 2003. 

Adding IBM’s MaaS360 Mobile Device Protection to Seventh Knight’s AppMoat Security-as-a-Service solution provides businesses with an expanded layer of protection covering devices utilizing Android, Apple, and Windows operating systems in a solution we call AppMoat360. Customers can choose their subscription level of device management capabilities in MaaS360 in addition to their order of AppMoat Security-as-a-Service, creating a customized AppMoat360 package.

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(e) neither NADA nor its affiliates shall have any responsibility or liability for the quality, nature, availability, or results of any product or service offered or provided by Affinity Provider.

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