NADA Affinity Provider: Proton Dealership IT

NADA Affinity Provider: Proton Dealership IT

Information Security 

Proton Dealership IT

Proton Dealership IT provides an IT Department to hundreds of dealerships in North America including a Security Operations Center, Remote Helpdesk, and On-site Support. Exclusive to automotive dealerships, Proton has the experience, technology, and skills to handle your dealership’s cyber security needs.

Proton works with all major industry DMS and CRM platforms to bring you integrated phone solutions to allow your BDC real-time access to actionable data, increasing their effectiveness and performance. Proton phone systems replace your old phone system with a modern suite of tools including call tracking and scoring, video walk arounds, screen pops from CRM/DMS data and robust reporting and analytics.

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NADA is a registered trademark of the National Automobile Dealers Association and is used by Affinity Provider under license.

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(a) all Affinity Provider services/products are provided by third parties and not NADA;

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(e) neither NADA nor its affiliates shall have any responsibility or liability for the quality, nature, availability, or results of any product or service offered or provided by Affinity Provider.

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