Delivering the Safety that Comes with the Car (CR05)

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This archived material is made available here as a courtesy only.  Please read the disclaimer before downloading.

This NADA dealer guidance material is made available by the National Automobile Dealers Association to its members in an effort to aid its members in complying with legal and regulatory obligations under federal law.    NADA makes no representations as to its completeness, accuracy, or timeliness.  This guidance material: (a) is current as of the date of publication or edition reflected therein; (b) has not been reviewed or updated since that time, and (c) reflects only compliance guidance relevant as of that date.  Dealers should refer to these guidance materials at their own risk and only after consulting with legal counsel for any updates to federal law, as well as any relevant state and local law.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has called upon dealerships to promote highway safety. NADA took up the challenge with this guide, which discusses a number of major automotive safety features; a safety checklist is provided.

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