The Future of the Automotive Technician

Track: Human Capital

Thursday, January 26, 1:00 - 2:00 PM

Room: D161

Presenters: Meredith Collins

The automotive industry is facing a technician shortage crisis. However, there is a silver lining for dealers: the rapidly evolving role of the technician career. With the expansion of EVs, growth in new vehicle features such as autonomous capabilities, and new ways to handle service such as using wearable tech and mobile service, the world of tomorrow's technicians looks very different than today. In fact, who we hire to be tomorrow's technicians may look very different. Master how to prepare for this exciting new world by recruiting and retaining techs in the shop.


Meredith Collins

Meredith Collins

Carlisle & Company

Managing Director

Meredith Collins is a managing director with Carlisle & Co., where she co-leads the parts benchmarking practice in both North America and Europe. She has been with Carlisle for more than seven years and has a broad range of experience in the aftersales business, spanning topics such as motor vehicle e-commerce solutions, channel strategy management, and parts and service marketing strategies. Most recently, Collins has led Carlisle's efforts in the technician space, working with OEMs to address recruiting and retention challenges at an industry level.