Harness the Power of Human Behavioral Assessments for Your Organization

Our popular DISC assessment explains how people do what they do in their daily lives. TTI Success Insights’ DISC assessment uncovers unique insights about observable behaviors. This assessment is sometimes referred to as the operator’s manual for employees. DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) highlights specific behavioral characteristics a person is likely to possess, and is backed by research, making it a solid predictor of future behavior.

How Can You Use the TTI SI DISC Assessment in the Workplace?

  • Minimize unnecessary conflict 
  • Increase productivity and engagement 
  • Enhance communication 
  • Maximize strengths and understand weaknesses 
  • Develop self-awareness

Fee: $50 per report

The assessment is available to members and non-members but you will need to be logged into NADA.org to complete the purchase. Click here to create an account.

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