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Super Session on EVs: Plugging Into What’s Possible

Published March 1, 2022


Maryann Malesardi

Maryann Malesardi

Senior Manager, Event Marketing

Throughout NADA Show 2022, we’ll help dealers “plug into what’s possible” when it comes to electrification. Our very first educational event — the Super Session moderated by Jason Stein, President of motormindz and CEO of Flat Six Media — will focus on product, partnerships and possibilities at the retail level.

With hundreds of electric vehicles quickly headed to showroom floors, it’s time for a candid conversation with industry leaders, EV experts and progressive dealers. Learn more about How to Build for Excellence in the EV Space: Seeking Solutions From the Showroom Floor to the Service Bay, from these five panelists:

  • Jeremy Beaver, CEO, Del Grande Dealer Group
  • Liza Borches, President and CEO, Carter Myers Automotive
  • John Malishenko, Director of Operations, Germain Cars
  • Keith McCluskey, CEO, McCluskey Chevrolet
  • Renee Stephens, Vice President, Automotive, We Predict

Each offers a unique perspective.

According to Stein, Malishenko’s innovative dealer group is driven to find new solutions in the EV space, through new processes and a continuous desire to improve. And We Predict is at the forefront of retail trends and has analyzed EV trends related to the service, parts and commercialization of retail operations.

The Del Grande Dealer Group is known for being on the cutting edge of innovation and operates in the largest EV market in the country. And Carter Myers operates its stores with a philosophy of continual search for the next iteration of the retail process, and approaches the EV transition with an eye to improving performance and the sales process.

Last but certainly not least, as the head of the GM dealer council, McCluskey is helping the automaker transition to EVs, find solutions for the network and create a better customer experience.

Which leads us to the exclusive fireside chat with Volkswagen’s Scott Keogh on the brand’s transformation and reimagination. “We’re fully committed to electric mobility,” stated Keogh.

As President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, and head of Volkswagen brand in North America, Keogh leads all Volkswagen brand activities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, including factories in Tennessee and Mexico. As head of the Group, he also oversees U.S. operations of Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini and VW Credit Inc.

Keogh expounded, “We’re rolling out one of the broadest electrified vehicle portfolios in the United States in 2022, with many more models to come over the next years. For the Volkswagen brand, we’re gearing up for the localized production of EVs in our Chattanooga plant in 2022. For us, it’s not about meeting the moment, we want to lead the EV revolution in America. Full stop.”

Join us as we Plug Into What’s Possible. Plus, get charged up about EVs throughout NADA Show 2022, including Electric Avenue, the EV Solutions Center, Live Stage and more!