NADA Affinity Provider: A2C

NADA Affinity Provider: A2C

Information Security 

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Accelerate2Compliance™ provides the A2C Portal™ which is is a turnkey cloud-based subscription software solution. Users don’t have to invest in, administer or manage multiple software partners to deliver what the A2C Portal offers in one simple end-to-end solution. The A2C Portal helps businesses through every step of the process to achieve, manage, and maintain information security regulatory compliance requirements with a full suite of necessary tools to:

1. ASSESS compliance deficiencies using the A2C Simple Assessments™ and the A2C Vendor Assessment™.  These self-administered tools are fast, easy and intuitive and do not require a lengthy and arduous process to ascertain a business or vendor Information Security Compliance Posture.

2. BUILD and EXECUTE the required Written Information Security Program (WISP) that enables moving from non-compliant to compliant based on federal and state regulations - most notably the FTC Safeguards Rule that dictates the protections required to safeguard consumer information and data privacy.

3. EMPOWER users with easy-to-use tools to continuously update, add and assess new vendors or partners, meet the required annual federal and state regulations through A2C Training and Testing™, simplify process with A2C Policies and Procedures™, and manage the company and vendor compliance posture via the A2C Portal reports and dashboard that provide real-time visibility on the journey to information security compliance.

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NADA is a registered trademark of the National Automobile Dealers Association and is used by Affinity Provider under license.

NADA members receive preferred pricing for Affinity Provider services. By engaging with an Affinity Provider, NADA members understand and agree that:

(a) all Affinity Provider services/products are provided by third parties and not NADA;

(b) no Affinity Provider is endorsed, audited, or otherwise approved by NADA;

(c) they have conducted any requisite diligence of the services/products provided by Affinity Provider;

(d) the Affinity Provider’s services/products are solely the responsibility of Affinity Provider and its suppliers, which remain solely responsible for the performance thereof, and;

(e) neither NADA nor its affiliates shall have any responsibility or liability for the quality, nature, availability, or results of any product or service offered or provided by Affinity Provider.

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