Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment

Offering resources for dealership employers.

NADA and ATD provide the resources that cover all aspects of dealership operations, including labor and employment from a compliance and human resources standpoint. 

NADA and ATD are committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the automotive and truck industries.

The auto and truck retail industry is continuing to explore how dealers and automakers tackle the internal issue of how best to advance minority and women dealers and dealership staff and encourage diversity. NADA and ATD offer tools and best practices to help make positive changes in the industry, and grow and diversify it for the future.

Employee Training
Premier education to advance the career of dealership employees.

NADA and ATD provide premier education opportunities for employee working inside dealerships to advance their careers. NADA/ATD education programs are designed to fit the busy automotive and truck retail lifestyle of dealership employees.

Job Descriptions
Write detailed job descriptions quickly and easily using NADA/ATD's job templates and job descriptions.

NADA/ATD provides members with more than 100 dealership-specific job templates to help them quickly and easily write precise job descriptions and ads for employment.

Personnel Management
Supporting management of employees working inside dealerships.  

New franchised-car and -truck dealers employ more than one million Americans; on average, each dealership has 64 employees. NADA/ATD offers resources and education to support dealers with employee policies, recruitment retention.

Media Contacts

Your Members of Congress

When lawmakers learn about your business and employees, they become better informed about how their decisions affect your ability to serve customers and grow your business.

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