Health and Safety

Health and Safety

The dealership community is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees.

NADA/ATD resources include webinars, Driven Management Guides, compliance tools and other detailed information to help dealers create the best possible workplace environment.

Adapt to operating a dealership during the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus pandemic impacted dealer business operations nationwide. NADA’s Coronavirus Hub provides dealers, their staffs and the general public information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on dealerships’ business operations and the automotive industry in general. The Hub is a curated collection of key information, including articles, legislative and regulatory updates, regulatory compliance guidance for dealerships, best practices and webinars.

Health and Safety Protocols
Running a dealership is a complex task involving a countless protocols, best practices, planning and mitigation.

Local dealerships are now modern, efficient businesses with high-tech systems and skilled workforces. These resources are maintained to help your dealership operate safely and efficiently.

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Your Members of Congress

When lawmakers learn about your business and employees, they become better informed about how their decisions affect your ability to serve customers and grow your business.

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