Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

NADA’s Regulatory Affairs Group protects and promotes franchised car and truck dealership interests before federal agencies and the judiciary.

Top Regulatory Priorities

NADA issued its comprehensive and updated Driven Guide to the FTC Safeguards Rule available to all NADA members. In addition to the guide, NADA has provided a series of compliance aids to dealers, including an FAQ document, a well-attended dealer webinar, and several Show Workshops addressing the new Rule. 
Franchise Dealers should strive to develop policies to ensure dealer assisted financing and voluntary protection products are offered, sold and administered in a professional and consumer-friendly manner. 
Dealerships are invested in minimizing harmful waste streams, in servicing vehicles for peak performance, and in selling the latest new technology and alternative fueled cars and trucks.  




Regulatory Maze

NADA's Annual Update on Federal Regulations


NADA Regulatory Affairs Staff

Andy Koblenz

Andrew Koblenz

Executive Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel
Paul Metrey, Profile Photo,150x150

Paul D. Metrey

Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Doug Greenhaus

Doug Greenhaus

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs Environment, Health & Safety
Kaye Lynch-Sparks

Kaye Lynch-Sparks

Associate Director, Regulatory and Legal Affairs

Greg Cote

Director, Regulatory and Legal Affairs

About Regulatory Affairs

NADA’s Regulatory Affairs Group protects and promotes franchised car and truck dealership interests before the federal administrative agencies. Each year, Regulatory Affairs analyzes and engages on hundreds of federal regulatory issues and proposals, evaluating them for potential dealership impacts. Regulatory Affairs also helps to formulate NADA policy positions on those issues and, through written comments, testimony and, if necessary, legal action, advocates dealership interests before the federal agencies and judiciary.

The Regulatory Affairs Group coordinates its activities with NADA's Legislative Affairs group on subjects of common concern, works closely with state and metro dealer associations, and regularly engages with other industry trade associations. Regulatory Affairs also prepares compliance-oriented guides, bulletins and articles, conducts presentations to dealers and dealership compliance professionals and directly provides compliance advice to dealerships. For assistance, please call 800.557.6232 or 703.821.7040, fax 703.448.5824 or email Regulatory Affairs.