NADA Unveils Online Tool to Search Dealership Workforce Study Database


McLEAN, Va. (Dec. 5, 2013) - The National Automobile Dealers Association has unveiled an online tool that allows users to search the entire 2013 and 2012 NADA Dealership Workforce Study database.

The new product, called the NADA Dealership Workforce Study Compensation and Tenure Search Tool, provides dealers, OEMs and anyone interested with answers to their questions about national, regional and state data from the database, which represents 680,000 payroll records from nearly 5,000 dealerships. For example, a dealer can find out the total turnover for all service positions in neighboring states by using the tool. 

"The word 'groundbreaking' is often overused when it comes to new products, but this one truly earns that description," said Kenneth C. Vance, chairman of NADA's Dealership Operations Committee, and a new-car dealer in Eau Claire, Wis. "It's the only online product available that provides access to detailed dealership compensation and tenure data right at your fingertips to let you see how you size up against the competition in the compensation and retention arenas."

NADA Dealership Workforce Study Compensation and Search Tool categories include:

  • Report type (compensation or tenure)
  • Franchise/brand
  • Sales volume
  • Geographic location (national, regional and state)
  • Dealership department
  • Job title
  • Year (data available from both 2013 and 2012 studies)

Access to the Compensation and Tenure Search Tool is good for one year from date of purchase and includes up to five user accounts. To purchase, sign in to and visit the NADA U Store or call 800.557.6232.

To purchase the 2013 Dealership Workforce Industry Report, sign in to and visit the NADA U Store or call 800.557.6232.

The opportunity to participate in the 2014 study opens to NADA and American Truck Dealer members at the 2014 NADA/ATD Convention & Expo in New Orleans from Jan. 24-27.

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