20 Group Live

Real-time data. Real-time results.
NADA/ATD 20 Group Live is an online resource that provides NADA 20 Group members with complimentary access to real-time data and reports designed to help them improve the profitability of their variable operations. Dealers can use this data to compare profitability and performance in real-time against their 20 Group peers, their local market and other geographic locations. 

See how you compare to your market every day!

  • Compare your sales to competitors in your market for new, used, and finance
  • Compare your gross profit to the average competitor in your market
  • Utilize real-time information to identify the true value of your trade-in's
  • Improve used-vehicle ROI by pricing trade-in's closer to the competition
  • Improve your operations with current data for model mix, days to turn, profit margin, and more 

Enroll Your Dealership — It's FREE!
Enrollment in NADA/ATD 20 Group Live is simple and FREE to NADA 20 Group members. The data collection process is automatic with many DMS's, requiring little to no work by dealership personnel. Once enrolled, users can seamlessly access NADA-ATD 20 Group Live through the NADA 20 Group online composite. Please ask your NADA 20 Group Consultant for details or contact us at 20group@nada.org or 800.557.6232.

In-Dealership Consulting & NADA/ATD 20 Group Live 
NADA 20 Group In-Dealership Consulting (IDC) brings best practices uncovered through our work with hundreds of dealerships each year directly into your store. The approach is simple—we analyze your dealership’s operations and work with your management team to find out what's working, what's not, and what opportunities are being missed.

As part of the IDC pre-visit analysis, NADA 20 Group Consultants compare the dealership's performance against comparable dealers using the real-time data inside NADA/ATD 20 Group Live as well as the traditional online composite and NADA performance guides.

Click here for more information on the NADA 20 Group In-Dealership Consulting service.

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