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From ATD to Success: How Turbo Solutions Boosted KWLA’s Aftermarket Turbocharger Program



Turbo Solutions

Turbo Solutions, a New Jersey-based turbocharger remanufacturing and distribution company, joined forces with Kenworth of Louisiana (KWLA) a few years ago. Since then, this partnership has become a success, demonstrating the value of alliances forged through the ATD network.

In early 2021, after the Turbo Solutions team met KWLA Dealer Principals Jodie Teuton and Scott Oliphant at the ATD show in Las Vegas, Turbo Solutions saw a promising opportunity to assist KWLA. Through collaboration and planning, KWLA's product line was expanded, and customer needs were better met.

A market analysis was conducted, and Turbo Solutions developed a roadmap tailored to KWLA's needs. Their team spent time and effort examining market conditions, customer demands, and the competitive landscape across the state. By being diligent upfront, Turbo Solutions was able to craft a program that directly addressed KWLA's unique requirements and positioned them for strategic growth.

Turbo Solutions worked closely with Chris Little, Sales Manager – Fixed Operations, and the KWLA team to determine the correct inventory needed, comparing past usage and vehicle data from market research to get things rolling. Getting the inventory on the shelf was just the beginning. Once fully stocked, Turbo Solutions went to work, sending their experts to conduct comprehensive training sessions at every KWLA dealership location.

The Turbo Solutions team ensured the KWLA staff truly understood the product inside and out, equipping them with the knowledge to market and sell confidently. By the end of the training, counter teams felt confident in promoting All Makes Turbochargers for all engine applications.

The Turbo Solutions team accompanied KWLA's outside parts sales reps on sales calls, providing in-depth demonstrations and answering customer questions. Turbo Solutions facilitated a smooth rollout of the new product lines as it hit the KWLA market.

KWLA's representation of Remington Turbo, Turbo Solutions' Dealer-Exclusive brand, was a good move because of nationwide US and Canadian support. The partnership has been successful. KWLA expanded its turbocharger offerings and increased business in its market.

Even after that initial rollout period, Turbo Solutions remains a good partner. They provide training and tech seminars and keep communication open to keep KWLA's staff updated on the latest products and services. This consistency allows the KWLA team to continue delivering high-quality service and adapting to new challenges and opportunities.

The partnership between Turbo Solutions and KWLA is an excellent example of what can happen when companies take advantage of ATD's opportunities. Attending ATD events and trade shows allows businesses to meet potential partners, share ideas, and build relationships that lead to successful collaborations.

That's exactly what happened with Turbo Solutions and KWLA. They connected at an ATD show, took the time to understand each other's needs and goals, and created a customized plan that helped them both grow in the aftermarket engine parts industry. Their story shows how ATD is invaluable in bringing companies together and helping them find innovative ways to succeed through strategic partnerships and tailored solutions.

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