ATD Academy

ATD Academy

ATD Academy programs prepare current and future commercial truck dealership leaders to improve each department’s profitability, while examining how new technology and innovations reshape the industry.

ATD Academy

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Academy program includes six one-week classroom sessions over the course of a year. The sessions are taught by industry experts, with hands-on practical application in each area of the dealership. In this process, you will develop an end-to-end view of business and dealership operations.


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ATD Academy certificates allow commercial truck dealership managers to attend specific department training with the full time student any of the six weeks of the Academy program and hone skills pertinent to their needs.

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Daniel, Parts Manager
17 years automotive experience

After completing the NADA Professional Series, I have a better understanding of my role in the dealership. I am confident that I will be able to utilize this information immediately to better my operation.


Financial Management


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Learn basic accounting principles and how to navigate the balance sheet and income statement at both the dealership and department levels. Interpret and analyze financial statements to identify performance improvement opportunities.

  • Utilizing the NADA 20 Group composite

  • Financial statement geography

  • Analyzing sales and gross profit

  • Maximizing cash flow and profitIdentifying and eliminating frozen capital

  • Evaluating inventory performance

  • Calculating total and fixed absorption

  • Controlling and minimizing expenses


Fixed Operations 1 - Parts




Certificate Program

Recognize the critical, vital role that your parts department contributes to the success of your dealership. Discover the importance of having the correct inventory mix and how this impacts other departments, as well as the entire dealership’s financial performance.

  • Analyzing parts inventory performance

  • Impact of first-time fill rate

  • Analyzing aging inventory

  • Identifying gross profit opportunities

  • Benefits of the correct mix of parts

  • Understanding DMS reports

  • Reconciling inventory

  • Sharing best ideas


Fixed Operations 2 - Service


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Certificate Program

Understand the importance of the service department and how it serves as the backbone of the dealership. Recognize the impact properly designed processes have on both the service department and the entire dealership’s financial performance.

  • Assessing gross profit opportunities

  • Analyzing labor pricing strategies

  • Expense analysis

  • Evaluating technician and service advisor performance

  • Understanding scheduling and production techniques

  • Linking telephone strategies to service sales

  • Service legalese

  • Sharing best ideas


Variable Operations 1 - Pre-Owned Trucks


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Certificate Program


Explore used-truck inventory under an investment management approach, with in-depth analysis of turn elements, e-commerce and digital marketing. Evaluate traditional truck strategies in the context of retailing in the internet age.

  • Pre-owned commercial truck departmental profitability

  • Inventory aging and investment analyses

  • Maximizing turn through appraising, sourcing, pricing, reconditioning and wholesaling/p>

  • Evaluating the relationship between volume and gross

  • Digital marketing, search traffic, SEO, SEM, conversion, mobile analytics, reputation management and video

  • Converting leads to sales


Variable Operations 2 - New Trucks




Certificate Program

Recognize how new-truck profitability is directly related to asset management—employees, customers and inventory. Learn how processes in customer interaction and retention, F&I, and compensation plans affect profitability.

  • Determining true profitability

  • Identifying F&I opportunities

  • Assessing compensation and benefits utilizing ATD Dealership Workforce Study

  • Recruiting and developing employees

  • Valuing and leveraging the customer base

  • Transacting with a non-present buyer

  • Getting involved—government relations


Business Leadership



Certificate Program

Discover your individual leadership and management style and its impact on others. Apply the knowledge and skills gained during the first five weeks of the Academy to best select and develop your team for the continuity of the business.

  • Completion of an individual leadership assessment profile

  • Understanding effective leadership theories and techniques

  • Blend of succession and management transition planning

  • Detect and prevent fraud in the dealerships

  • Graduation

ATD Academy Schedule

Academy programs include six intensive weeklong classroom sessions at ATD headquarters in Tysons, Va., combined with hands-on practical application for each area of the dealership when back in the store.


Price for this academy offering is $10,950.00.

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