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ATD Chairman Scott Pearson: Tackling 2024 Priorities



Scott Pearson, Pearson

Scott Pearson

ATD Chairman
Peterbilt of Atlanta
172 Van Mar Blvd.
Jackson, GA 30233

At the ATD Show in Las Vegas, I promised you my enthusiasm and dedication as your 2024 ATD Chairman. Our industry is facing historical challenges and threats, but the energy I witnessed in Las Vegas proved to me that we are ready to take them on. 

I have identified the key priorities for the year: 

  • Push back on federal electric truck mandates and educate key decision-makers at the EPA and on Capitol Hill.
  • Educate truck dealers on how the CARB mandates are unfolding and their impact on the truck market and their customers. 
  • Increase truck dealer outreach to build relationships and solidify member value. 
  • Continue to grow membership and promote the ATD NextGen program.

EV Mandates 

The approaching announcement of the Phase 3 GHG Rule will have a historic impact on truck dealerships nationwide. Unfortunately, California dealers are already experiencing unprecedented barriers to their business. These regulations are here, and we must address them head-on. 

Truck dealers are making a significant investment to sell and service EVs to the tune of nearly $1 billion. Selling and servicing commercial vehicles is our job, and we will continue to do it. But dealers cannot force their customers to buy trucks that do not meet their needs, and ZEVs are not there yet for most commercial applications. 

Commercial buyers have shown us that they are not ready to purchase ZEVs for a multitude of reasons, including insufficient charging infrastructure, inefficiency of the vehicles caused by immense weight, prolonged time required to charge, lack of sufficient range, and affordability. 

ATD is constantly working to share this perspective with the EPA in an effort to impact the rule. We have filed official comments, testified before the EPA in person, taken EPA decision-makers on in-depth dealership tours, and continue to meet with both the EPA and White House regularly to convey the voice of commercial truck dealers and their customers. ATD is ensuring that truck dealer concerns are heard on this front.

It’s imperative for dealers to stay educated and engaged on this critical issue. Dig deeper with the below resources: 

Membership and ATD NextGen

Growing our membership is important to maintaining a healthy and active organization. That means focusing outreach on both big and small dealer groups. We cannot avoid the reality of consolidation, and we need to adapt by getting each rooftop and general manager involved. 

The value of ATD membership requires input from both sides. The ATD board and leadership have committed to consistent contact and communication through dealership visits and calls, educational opportunities and events. To advance these relationships, members should remain engaged in the association. 

Don’t know where to get started? Consider these two significant opportunities:

  • 2024 ATD Legislative Fly-In (June 25-26 in Washington, D.C.): Come and visit your elected representatives and share the message of your dealership, employees and customers. It is a critical time to talk to your decision-makers about the environmental regulations facing our industry and the impact.
  • ATD NextGen Program: Enroll your dealership leaders into the NextGen program to start engaging with industry peers and national issues. This includes anyone in the dealership on the leadership track, not just successors. ATD NextGen offers networking, webinars and educational opportunities. Please try to find at least three people at each of your locations to enroll in NextGen (it's free). Click here to sign up.  

I have my work cut out for me as your Chairman, and I look forward to your voices, passions and input as we advocate for the nation’s commercial truck dealers. 


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