ATD Raises Concerns Regarding EPA’s Final NOx Emission Standards for Commercial Trucks


TYSONS, Va. (Dec. 20, 2022)—In response to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) announcement of the final national nitrogen oxide (NOx) emission rule aimed to cut emissions from heavy and medium-duty trucks, American Truck Dealers (ATD) Chairman Scott McCandless released the following statement:

“With inflation still at a 40 year high, this rule imposes between $39 and $55 billion in new regulatory costs on the American economy between 2027 and 2045. Consumers will suffer the inflationary effects of the EPA’s rules by paying higher prices for food, clothing, and other consumer products that travel by truck.

Today’s new trucks have already reduced NOx emissions between 98% and 99% when compared to the late 1990s. The EPA’s rule will likely result in keeping older, less clean trucks on the road longer. The best way to improve air quality is to incentivize fleet turnover and get pre-2010 trucks off the road. The implementation of the rule will raise the cost of some trucks by tens of thousands of dollars; as prices rise, new truck adoption will be delayed and older, less green trucks will remain on America’s roads.”

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