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ATD Salutes America’s Veterans Throughout the Commercial Truck Industry 



2021 ATD Vice Chair Scott McCandless

Scott McCandless

ATD Immediate Past Chairman
McCandless Truck Center LLC
16704 E. 32nd Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011

With the recent commemoration of Veteran’s Day along with the 247th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. just last week, ATD honors and salutes the bravery and sacrifice of all our American veterans throughout all military branches. And, today, we are lucky to have many of these veterans working in our great commercial truck industry.

It’s no wonder that former members of our military naturally gravitate to dealership jobs. Our local businesses are rooted in our communities, providing excellent paying jobs with endless opportunities for advancement. Moreover, truck dealerships welcome employees from all backgrounds, education levels, and physical capability. Veterans bring a unique set of skills and training to the industry that keeps the nation moving and we’re lucky to have them.

Truck dealers are collectively proud to support our veteran community in their careers post-military service. The Nuss Truck & Equipment dealership group was once again awarded with the HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion Award which is the only federal veterans’ employment award given by the U.S. Department of Labor. This is the fourth year in a row that Bob Nuss’s dealership group in Minnesota has been awarded for their commitment to recruiting, employing, and retaining veterans.

We also have many dealers who are doing their part to acknowledge our nation’s heroes every Veteran’s Day and throughout the year. Kevin Holmes, ATD board member and CEO of Advantage Truck Group, happily served breakfast to all his veteran employees last week. He has proudly hired more than 30 vets at one of his dealership locations. There are many more dealership stories just like this throughout our industry.

I also have several veterans working at McCandless Truck Center located throughout Colorado and Wyoming. I feel lucky that these exceptional men and women are part of my dealership family. As a nation, we are all indebted to our military personnel for the immense sacrifice they have made for our great country.

As Thanksgiving now approaches, I know there are many things our truck dealer community is grateful for this year—our nation’s heroes rank at the very top. On behalf of ATD, it’s in this spirit of service and gratitude that I wish all truck dealers and their families a very happy Thanksgiving to come! 

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