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2020 ATD Dealer Attitude Survey Now Open

Published July 9, 2020


2021 ATD Chairman Steve Bassett

Steve Bassett

Immediate Past Chairman
General Truck Sales
4300 N. Broadway
Muncie, IN 47303

We have all recently experienced some of the most unexpected and challenging times of our personal and professional lives. With American businesses reopening and reacclimating to the current environment, it’s time to hear from America’s truck dealers through the 2020 ATD Dealer Attitude Survey of Manufacturers. Our annual survey is available exclusively online from today through July 30. And your participation is more important than ever.

Our work as truck dealers is complicated enough. We work in vital and evolving markets; address ever-changing consumer demands; and tackle disruptions that we have been preparing for. But 2020 added another layer of complexity that no one had time to adequately prepare for. This global pandemic wreaked havoc on nearly every American business sector, including ours. So in addition to producing a 2020 survey that measures the standard metrics, ATD has included questions that specifically address the dealer-OEM relationship throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Dealers will be able to rate their OEM’s performance during this unprecedented time and include comments and feedback anonymously. I encourage you to involve your department managers and provide the most comprehensive feedback you can—the greater the response rate, the more weight the survey results will carry. Your participation enables ATD to address your concerns at meetings with the senior management of each OEM.

I take this survey each year. I have also attended several of the results meetings while on my OEM’s dealer council and the ATD board of line representatives. And I can affirm that this is where the OEMs hear your voice, what matters to you, and how we can raise the bar and make things better. Your dealer councils, ATD staff and ATD line representative takes this information to the OEMs, and advocates for you. Collectively, ATD, dealers and OEMs use this survey to find ways we can be successful together. And these days, we need to work together to get the best outcomes for our employees, customers and businesses.

All members should watch for an email from ATD that contains a link to take the survey for your location(s). The information has also been mailed to you via postcard. As always, do not hesitate to contact ATD. Open communication between our members and the association is also more important than ever. Contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

It will certainly take more time to get a semblance of what we had before COVID-19. Let’s help the process of recovery along by participating in the annual ATD Dealers Attitude Survey today!