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New for NADA Show 2019 – NADA Professional Series Education Preview



Na'Tasha Jones

This year, NADA Show education programming will feature a preview of NADA’s newest dealership management training program, the NADA Professional Series. Attendees will see first-hand why dealership managers are looking to this program to supercharge their careers.

The NADA Professional Series educates the next level of dealership department managers and equips them with the tools they need to advance both their careers and their respective dealerships in the ever-changing automotive industry.

Georgia Munson, a NADA Academy instructor,  will provide an in-depth look at this program, where dealership managers will learn to improve departmental profitability and gain the confidence to secure leadership roles in the departments they choose.

“Inventory is one of the dealership’s most valuable assets, and as a new manager it is imperative to understand the best ways to manage your department’s inventory – whether you are selling cars, parts, service labor or reconciling those inventories for proper accounting each month,” says Munson. “Without proper inventory management, you run the risk of your biggest asset becoming your biggest expense.”

Munson will present four workshops at NADA Show 2019 with a focus on managing inventories within each department:

NADA Professional Series: Office Managers

Protecting Your Dealership’s Biggest Assets

Excel with proven forecasting and inventory management tools. Learn how to forecast daily, monthly and annually for variable and fixed operations; NADA guidelines for variable and parts inventory management and how to calculate them; how to analyze your current days’ supply of inventories; and how to identify current frozen capital in all inventories.

NADA Professional Series: Sales Managers

Managing Millions in Vehicle Inventory

Expertly manage millions of dollars in inventory as interest rates continue to rise. Learn NADA guidelines for new and pre-owned Inventory stocking levels; how to calculate your current days’ supply; how to Identify frozen capital, your monthly interest cost in excess inventory and your daily burden cost; and a quick and simple way to determine the proper mix of inventory based on your current sales.

NADA Professional Series: Service Managers

Maximizing Your Daily Disappearing Inventory

Maximize the only disappearing inventory in a dealership, time! Learn how to determine if you need more technicians or simply need to maximize the work you are getting from your current team; what differentiates efficient, productive and proficient technicians; and how to calculate how many techs you don’t need to hire by maximizing technician proficiency.

NADA Professional Series: Parts Managers

Stopping Parts Obsolescence Before It Starts

Stop the growth of obsolete parts in your business. Learn where your obsolete parts are coming from; best practices and processes to keep your obsolete parts below 5 percent of total inventory; and how to determine frozen capital in excess parts inventory.