Financial Management Certificate

Learn financial management principles and how to navigate the balance sheet, income statement and gross profit analysis at both the dealership and department levels. Interpret and analyze financial statements to identify performance improvement opportunities.

How it Works

ATD Academy certificates allow dealership managers to attend specific department training with the full time student any of the six weeks of the Academy program and hone skills pertinent to their needs.

  • Financial Statement Geography

  • Basic Accounting Concepts

  • Maximizing cash and profit

  • Calculating Fixed and Total Absorption

  • Importance of Cash Flow & Liquidity

  • Identifying and Eliminating Frozen Capital

  • Optimization and Evaluating Inventory Performance

  • Analyzing Sales and Gross Profit

  • Identify Expense Control Opportunities

  • How Work In Process (WIP) … works

  • Goal Setting and Problem-Solving Tools

  • Introduction to the ATD 20 Group Composite

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