ATD Data

ATD Data is an annual report on America’s franchised new-truck dealerships and provides detailed information on sales, financial trends and more.

There are two versions of ATD Data. One is a detailed infographic that can be shared by print and broadcast news outlets as well as on social media. The full report includes the Average Truck Dealership Profile, financial trends, sales data, employment figures and more.

ATD Data 2017 was updated with completely re-benchmarked data and methodologies. As a result, data and figures from previously released reports will not be comparable to the 2017 report.

Highlights from 2017 include:

  • Franchised truck dealers sold 415,042 medium- and heavy-duty trucks in 2017.
  • Total new truck dealership sales topped $97 billion.
  • Truck dealerships employed more than 145 thousand people.
  • Truck dealerships wrote more than 11 million repair orders, with more than $31 billion in service and parts sales.