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Washington Policy Update from ATD Show in Las Vegas



On Saturday, Feb. 3, ATD convened commercial truck industry legislative and regulatory leaders to offer a glimpse inside the policy landscape in the nation’s capital. ATD Vice President of Legislative Affairs Michael Harrington, NTEA, The Work Truck Association Senior Vice President Mike Kastner and America Trucking Associations Executive Vice President for Advocacy Bill Sullivan brought their wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion.

The panel explored the intricacies of policymaking directly affecting the trucking industry. Attendees gained insights into legislative priorities and learned the latest about EPA and CARB regulations — and the potentially devastating implications for the truck market and small businesses. The discussion also touched upon the influence of elections on shaping future truck policies and what lies ahead for the broader trucking sector.

ATD president Laura Perrotta moderated the panel translating the complex policy issues facing the trucking industry into more . "There is no shortage of policy challenges and opportunities facing the trucking industry today,” said Perrotta. “It is important for the truck dealers across the country to hear about the policy goals industry leaders are pursuing in 2024 how it will impact trucking infrastructure."

Bill Sullivan expressed, "Our industry faces both challenges and opportunities in the evolving policy landscape. The pursuit of goals such as FET repeal and promoting fleet turnover will significantly influence the future of trucking, and it's crucial for stakeholders to understand the impact on infrastructure and operations."

Deep dives into the policy priorities and challenges facing the trucking industry are crucial. As legislative priorities, regulations and election outcomes continue to shape the future, the insights shared by industry leaders offer a valuable perspective on what lies ahead for the trucking sector. This panel discussion contributes to a greater understanding of the policy landscape and its implications for businesses operating in the trucking industry.

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