NADA Foundation Ambassador Tarik Daoud Provides Scholarships to Detroit-Area Students

Published May 6, 2013

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. (May 6, 2013) - Tarik Daoud, a former new-car dealer, is a strong believer in the value of education.

"I've always maintained that education leads to freedom," said Daoud, 77, who serves as a trustee on the board of the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation. "When you have an education, you have the knowledge to pursue the things in life you want to do."

Daoud, who began selling cars in the Detroit metro area in 1961, provides deserving students with scholarship grants set up by the NADA Foundation's Ambassadors program.

"If a student wants to go to college, they need the financial resources to attend," added Daoud, who earned a civil engineering degree from the Detroit Institute of Technology along with three honorary doctorate degrees. "Every little bit helps."

To become an Ambassador, a dealer, company, association or individual makes a tax-deductible contribution of $10,000 in their name or in recognition of someone living or deceased. Ambassadors are then eligible to provide $1,500 grants to organizations of their choice every three years in perpetuity.

Daoud has also named his wife, Helen Daoud, and son, John Daoud as Ambassadors. Benefactors with three or more gifts of $10,000 to the program are designated Ambassadors of Distinction and can present $2,000 grants every year in perpetuity.

Since 1999, the Daoud family has provided nine grants through the Ambassadors program totaling $17,500 to several Detroit-area schools, which include the Detroit College of Business, Davenport University, Madonna University, University of Detroit Mercy, Guardian Angels Catholic School and Leonard Elementary School.

"The NADA Foundation's Ambassador program is a great resource that allows dealers to help people and give back to their communities," he said.

Daoud also serves on the board of the Detroit Institute of Art, and provides scholarships to minority students attending Wayne State University in Detroit.

About the NADA Foundation's Ambassadors Program

Today, there are 630 Ambassadors who provide about $250,000 each year to organizations in the public or private sector, supporting a variety of causes from emergency medical services and education to job training for adults with disabilities. This year, 210 Ambassadors will present grants to organizations of their choice. For more information or to become an Ambassador, visit the website, or contact the NADA Foundation at (703) 821-7102 or

About the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation

The NADA Foundation, established in 1975, is the philanthropic arm of the National Automobile Dealers Association. Funds contributed by new-car and -truck dealers and friends of the industry provide financial support to schools, private colleges and universities, emergency disaster relief and community service programs. For more information, visit

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