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New Spotlight Series Presented at NADA Show 2024



Maryann Malesardi

Maryann Malesardi

Senior Manager, Event Marketing

Introducing our new Spotlight Series! We’ve expanded — and rebranded — the popular Distinguished Speaker Series, to include high-profile industry speakers. While focusing on leadership remains at the forefront, this new education offering provides ample opportunity to shine a light on an array of pertinent issues.

Get ready to immerse yourself in an exceptional learning experience at NADA Show 2024, where we bring you an engaging lineup of sessions that are not to be missed.

Spotlight Series Highlights:

  1. 20 Group Best of the Best Ideas
    Back and better than ever, this crowd-favorite offers fresh innovations. Experience the power of NADA 20 Groups, as they share their best initiatives that increased profits, improved processes, engaged employees and retained customers, all with measurable results. Discover the proven tactics industry leaders use to grow their businesses and boost bottom lines. Don’t miss this rare chance to tap into the best of the best ideas, complete with implementation plans and methods to gain buy-in from your staff

  2. Thrive in a Family Auto Group
    The automotive industry thrives on entrepreneurial families, yet working with relatives can be a tough hurdle to overcome. How do you address business challenges when you’re related to those involved? Uncover the secrets of maintaining good communication, setting clear expectations and establishing a robust succession plan. Learn how to keep your family united while establishing a lasting legacy.

  3. A Closed-Loop Ecosystem
    Ever wondered about the lifecycle of an EV battery – how it can be extended beyond its initial use and what happens when it reaches the end of its roadworthy life? Explore the intricacies of the EV battery lifecycle, from diagnosing issues and analyzing root-causes to refurbishment and recycling. Join industry experts for a discussion on the implications for your dealership and the future of EVs.

  4. Seven Steps to a Reimagined Customer Journey
    Delve into the Savannah Bananas brand's journey, where a fans-first approach transformed customers into passionate advocates. Learn the vital significance of creating a fans-first experience and the art of inspiring "You wouldn't believe" reactions. Explore the potential of hosting an ideapalooza as a game-changing strategy.

  5. Walking the Talk and Developing Self Awareness
    Unveil the essence of mindful leadership with Pandit Dasa, an accomplished author and former monk. Discover how consistent role modeling, appreciating contributions, mindful communication, and leading with humility can cultivate a thriving workplace.

  6. Building Your Brand with "The Car Mom"
    Join Kelly Stumpe, affectionately known as "The Car Mom," as she shares her journey from reviewing cars from a mom's perspective to empowering families during the car-buying process. Explore her approach to building a strong brand and fostering a loyal community.

With an impressive lineup of esteemed speakers and engaging sessions, NADA Show 2024 — February 1-4, in Las Vegas — promises to be a platform for inspiration, knowledge and growth. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this transformative experience.

Register today to take advantage of early bird discounts.

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