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Give the Gift of Education: Ignite Your Team's Potential This Holiday With NADA Show 2024



Abram Olmstead, Senior Director

Abram Olmstead

Senior Director, Digital Media
Give the Gift of Education With NADA Show 2024

As you map out your dealership's road to success in the new year, consider the ultimate holiday gift for your star employees: attendance at NADA Show 2024, happening February 1-4 in vibrant Las Vegas.

NADA Show isn't just another industry event; it's the launchpad for transformative growth and career advancement for your top performers. Here's why it's the investment that keeps on giving:

  • Diverse Learning Tracks: Over 90 workshops and 24 Exchange Sessions, carefully curated to cater to diverse professional interests and needs within your dealership.

  • Visionary Super Sessions: Hear from the titans of the auto industry in two exclusive Super Sessions that will broaden perspectives and spark innovation.

  • Interactive Experience Hubs: The Dealer Learning Lab and EV Solutions Center promise hands-on interaction with the latest trends and technologies.

  • Powerful Networking: Connect with industry movers and shakers, forging valuable relationships that could steer your dealership to the forefront of the market.

  • Inspiration on Stage: The Main Stage and Live Stage feature motivational talks that will challenge and invigorate your team.

The Impact of Recognition
Gifting participation in the NADA Show 2024 is more than just a holiday bonus; it’s a strategic investment in your people. Recognizing their hard work in such a significant way demonstrates your commitment to their professional development and to the growth of your dealership.

Motivation That Translates to Momentum
The energy and knowledge your team will bring back from the event will be infectious, motivating the whole staff and setting a powerful pace for the new year. It’s not just a reward; it’s a catalyst for a high-performance culture that will distinguish your dealership from the competition.

Make This Holiday Season Count
This holiday, let the gift you choose for your star employees be one that celebrates their past achievements and amplifies their future success. Choose the gift of growth, knowledge and opportunity. Choose NADA Show 2024.

Register Today
Secure your team’s spot at the Auto Industry Event of the Year. Invest in their potential, and watch as they — and your dealership — shift into a higher gear going into 2024. Let’s make this season the starting line for a record-breaking year for your dealership.