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20 Minutes with ATD Chairman Steve Bassett

Published February 18, 2020


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Sheryll Poe


The ATD Show closed out its final day on Sunday, but newly installed ATD Chairman Steve Bassett stayed to do a NADA Live Stage session with NADA’s Jonathan Collegio.

Bassett talked about his priorities as ATD chairman for the next two years, including continuing to advocate on the federal excise tax, a 12% tax on the retail sales price of a heavy-duty truck. “Before a truck leaves our dealership, before any miles are put on the truck, it can be a $20,000 tax on our trucks,” the dealer principal of General Truck Sales in Muncie, Ind. said.

Another priority is making sure that ATD members are more engaged and taking advantage of all the benefits available as part of their membership. “One of my priorities is I need to get dealers to utilize what they pay for,” he said. ATD membership includes video content like workshops from the last two years of ATD Show and NADA Show, webinars, and Driven Guides, “right at our fingertips… there are a lot of resources that the average dealer doesn’t take advantage of.”

Check out the video on this session and watch other live coverage all weekend from the NADA Live Stage.