Cyber Readiness Program

Cyber Readiness Program

Protect Your Business with the Cyber Readiness Program

The Cyber Readiness Program provides free, online training and resources that focus on human behavior to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) become safer, more secure, and stronger against cyber threats. Download the brochure or visit the CRI website to learn more.

A Practical Security Solution for SMEs

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Easy-to-use cybersecurity training for any business

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Reduces risk with cyber readiness training

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Simple and practical guide for any worker

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Helps assess and track business cyber readiness

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Minimal time needed to implement

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No security or technology purchases required to use

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Online-based program for easy training of remote, contract and onsite employees

How It Works

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DESIGNATE a Cyber Leader to take the brief, online training program and facilitate your workforce training

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ACCESS the Cyber Readiness Playbook and the Employee Training Toolkit that are ready-to-use and provide simple, clear directives on handling the four core cyber issues

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RECEIVE Cyber Readiness Certificate and ‘Cyber Ready’ badge to use on your website, company marketing materials, and social profiles to share your commitment to security with customers and vendors

Make your organization safer, more secure, and stronger against cyber threats

The Cyber Readiness Program Addresses the Four Core Cyber Issues


Weak or stolen passwords cause 2 out of 3 breaches. Learn the do’s and don’ts of using secure passwords /passphrases and authentication.



Most attacks exploit known software vulnerabilities that have already been fixed. Learn how to automate software updates system-wide and teach employees to install updates promptly.


Hard to spot phishing messages can result in an employee accidentally compromising security. Learn the red flags and train employees to avoid opening corrupted files or responding to criminals with sensitive information.



Removable media like USBs can be an easy way for hackers to get in. Learn how to safely store and share files without this risk.

Included Free in the Program

  • Cyber Readiness Playbook
    Actionable, easy-to-customize Playbook with clear directives and guidance for creating company security policies and an Incident Response Plan for handling a security breach.

  • Employee Training Materials
    Complete kit of workforce training materials to use to train employees via remote video conference, in-person meeting, or via email. Train in short 10-minute sessions or together in a single session format.

Download the brochure or visit the CRI website to learn more.