New Orleans Labor & Services

To assist you in planning for your participation in your New Orleans show, we are certain you will appreciate knowing in advance that union labor may be required for certain aspects of your exhibit handling. To help you understand the jurisdiction the various unions have, we ask you to read the following:

Labor Source

We currently have a labor agreement with The Louisiana Carpenters Regional Council to provide labor for display installation and dismantling. Full time employees of the exhibiting companies, however, may set their own exhibits without assistance from the local. Any labor services that may be required beyond what your regular full time employees can provide, must be rendered by the local. Labor can be ordered in advance online, or on show site, at the Freeman Service Desk.

Material Handling

Exhibitors may hand-carry their own materials into the exhibit facility. The use or rental of dollies, flattrucks and other mechanical equipment; however, is not permitted. Freeman will control access to the loading docks in order to provide for a safe and orderly move in/out.


Material Handling includes unloading your exhibit material, storing up to 30 days in advance at the warehouse address, delivering to the booth, the handling of empty containers to and from storage, and removing of material from the booth for reloading onto outbound carriers. You have two options for shipping your advance freight - either to the warehouse or directly to show site.

Material Handling$.98 per pound
Material Handling - After Deadline (January 16, 2023)$1.23 per pound


Hourly Labor Rates

Exhibit Installation & Dismantling Labor
Straight Time$133.50/hr
Straight Time$215.50/hr


Future NADA Shows

  • 2026 – Las Vegas, February 3-6 (Tuesday-Friday)
  • 2027 – Orlando, February 18-21 (Thursday-Sunday)
  • 2028 - Las Vegas, March 5-8 (Tuesday-Friday)

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