Expo Specialty Booths

NADA Pavilion, Booth 2101W

Learn about the great work that National Automobile Dealers Association is doing for you and your dealership every day. NADA Pavilion will showcase all the association’s member services including our first-rate 20 Group Program, Legislative and Regulatory work on behalf of dealers, the NADA Academy and more.


Pavilion Hours

Friday, February 2 - 10am-6pm
Saturday, February 3 – 8:30am-5pm 
Sunday, February 4 – 8:30am-2:30pm

Dealer Learning Lab, Booth 2608W

The Dealer Learning Lab offers 20-minute, TED-style talks from presenters in a casual setting on the Expo floor.  Take advantage of this opportunity to engage, discover and connect with industry leaders on a variety of hot topics.


Dealer Learning Lab Hours:

Friday, February 2 - 10:30am-4:30pm
Saturday, February 3 - 9:30am-4:30pm
Sunday, February 4 - 9:30am-1:30pm


Click here full schedule of Dealer Learning Lab sessions.

EV Solutions Center, Booth 6561N

Looking for guidance and solutions while navigating the latest challenges in the world of EVs? Look no further! Connect with our team of subject matter experts for personalized one-on-one consultations or immerse yourself in daily workshop sessions designed to address the most frequently requested topics. Got burning EV questions? NADA has all the answers you need. Join us today to power up your knowledge and drive your EV journey forward!


EV Solutions Center Hours:

Friday, February 2 - 10am-6pm
Saturday, February 3 - 8:30am-5pm
Sunday, February 4 – 8:30am-2:30pm

Exclusive NADA Dealer/Manager Lounge, Booth 3341W

More than 50 percent of dealers who attend NADA Show bring two-to-five employees with them. With so much to do and see in the Expo hall, dealership teams need a place to take a break, grab a cold beverage and review and adjust their plan of action. This lounge, hosted by NADA, is designed exclusively for dealers and their buyer teams to do just that. All NADA dealers and their management teams are welcome to reboot and recharge in the Exclusive NADA Dealer/Manager Lounge.


Dealer/Manager Lounge Hours: 

Friday, February 2- 10am-6pm
Saturday, February 3 – 8:30am-5pm 
Sunday, February 4 – 8:30am-2:30pm

NADA Lifestyle, Booth 7361N

Take a break from the excitement of the Show and visit us on the Expo floor for two marvelous Lifestyle Experiences! EXCITE for beauty and fashion, or RELAX for calming and relaxation.


Lifestyle Hours: 

Friday, February 2- 10am-6pm
Saturday, February 3 – 8:30am-5pm 
Sunday, February 4 – 8:30am-2:30pm

NADA Live Stage, West Lobby

Learn from leading industry experts at NADA Live Stage. Presented in a compelling and fast-paced format, segments feature acclaimed speakers, automaker execs, and other auto-retail pros in one-on-one interviews or panel discussions. Come see what all the buzz is about!


Live Stage Hours:

Thursday, February 1 - 9am-5pm
Friday, February 2 – 9am-4:30pm
Saturday, February 3 – 9am-5pm 
Sunday, February 4 – 9am-2:30pm