ATAE Member Benefits

Every individual and every voice in any industry is important, but through the combined efforts of many individuals with many voices joined together in associations, greater benefits are provided and far-reaching changes are made. ATAE provides invaluable statistical and clearinghouse information which would not otherwise be available to business and government groups for difficult and timely decision-making processes. Associations devote nearly billions of dollars a year to educational projects.

ATAE provides members with the tools they need to continually improve the value and effectiveness of services offered to dealer members and works closely with the National Automobile Dealers Association to serve dealers on all levels. In turn, ATAEs have access to all the same benefits that NADA members enjoy, including government advocacy on behalf of franchised new-car dealers.


ATAE Winter Meeting
The ATAE Winter Meeting is held each year in conjunction with the NADA Show. In addition to the association’s annual membership meeting, the Winter Meeting also hosts professional development speakers, leadership pioneers, key briefings from NADA, discussions of important current issues, and excellent social/networking events.

The NADA Show highlights the latest industry products, services and training, and offers ATAEs unparalleled access to business professionals and industry experts. NADA Show registration is complementary for ATAE members who register for the ATAE Winter Meeting, and includes Main Stage featuring prominent, global, and industry officials, educational workshops on management topics, and an extensive exhibit of the latest products, goods and services for the retail automobile industry.

ATAEs are offered the opportunity to reserve function space through NADA, for the purpose of hosting their own dealer receptions and events during the Show. Furthermore, Show registration and housing reservations for ATAEs and their staff opens prior to general registration, and a special block of rooms is held for ATAEs at the Show headquarters hotel.




# of Dealer Members Dues
1 - 75 $250
76 - 150 $400
151-300 $550
301+ $750

Dues are based on total Association membership count.

Meetings and Events

Summer Conference
The annual ATAE Summer Conference includes professional development sessions, insights from industry leaders, strategic planning sessions, updates from NADA leadership, and briefings and discussions on critical issues facing associations and their dealer members.

Business sessions feature industry and association experts, and provide members the opportunity to meet with other state and metropolitan association executives to address common problems and exchange ideas.

Outstanding social events provide relaxed forums for members to network, share ideas, and develop key relationships.

Focus Groups
The ATAE Focus Group program brings together ATAEs, their staff experts, and outside speakers, to share challenges and best practices, and to develop solutions in primary areas of association operations. Typically meeting once a year, the Focus Groups are structured to bring participants together in a “20 Group” style format to discuss specific issues in a pre-planned setting. Meeting agendas are planned by chairpersons appointed by the Group. Current ATAE Focus Groups include:

For ATAE focus group information, please contact Jill Goldfine at 703.821.7070 or by e-mail at

NADA Washington Conference
Association executives attend NADA's annual legislative symposium in Washington, D.C., each September to participate with dealers in timely, in-depth briefings on current issues facing the industry. Featured speakers include elected representatives, government officials, NADA officers and legislative staff. Conference attendees develop a coordinated, cohesive approach to legislative strategy and make visits to their respective Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill. ATAE registration to this premiere event is complementary.

Legal & Legislative Meetings
The ATAE Legislative Conference is a hands-on, discussion-based workshop for ATAE members, attorneys, and legislative staff. Experts address current and prospective issues facing dealers on the state and national levels, and share strategy for proposing or defending against crucial legislation. The Conference also highlights recent legal and regulatory developments. Areas of coverage include franchise, sales, and marketing law, as well as federal regulatory activity.

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Programs and Services

The ATAE organization offers an extensive menu of programs and services to aid its members in the areas of professional development and automotive related issues. This approach serves the needs of association executives and their dealer members.

ATAE Electronic Newsletter
The ATAeNEWS is a bi-weekly summary of the latest news on industry, legislative, legal and regulatory issues facing dealers and members. The ATAeNEWS also provides timely updates, information, announcements and reminders.

The ATAE List Serve
The Forum is an informal, email-based discussion group. Topics range from association management, to insurance, legislative and regulatory initiatives, convention speakers and entertainment, and more.  If you are not a member of the List Serve and would like to be included, please email Jill Goldfine at

ATAE On-line Directory
The Directory provides members with current contact information for all ATAE members. With your ATAE website password, you can access members’ business and home address information; telephone numbers; email addresses; websites; spouse names; birthdays; and photos.

Member Surveys
Surveys keep ATAEs and their staffs abreast of trends in legislation, automotive association management, and developments in products and services for members. In addition to annual “standing” surveys, individually requested surveys can be conducted and tabulated by request on practically any subject.

Information Clearinghouse
Information collection and dissemination services offered by the ATAE office include research and collected data on issues of concern, provided by NADA and other industry sources.