To enroll, you’ll need your NADA Member (Company) ID* and the names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers of the persons who should be your dealership’s questionnaire contact and payroll contact. You’ll need to provide the same information about the persons who should receive your customized report. The authorized recipient(s) (often the dealer, controller, or HR director) will be emailed when the reports are ready; each authorized recipient should be a person who regularly checks his or her email.

You may enroll one dealership (single dealership enrollment) or a group of dealerships (dealer group enrollment).

Enrolling requires acceptance of the Terms of Agreement.

To enroll, go to www.nadaworkforcestudy.com.

Full participation is required for receipt of the two complimentary reports. This involves completing a questionnaire and uploading the data for all employees from your annual W-2 forms. 

          * Your Member ID can be found on your NADA Membership card, or contact Membership at 800.557.6232 or email us.