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The Four Essentials to Achieving 115 Percent Service Absorption

This interactive workshop helps you develop a business plan for achieving 115 percent service absorption while focusing on management processes that help increase net profits, and marketing strategies that boost sales and build owner retention. Attendees will learn the four essentials of greater absorption—improving profit margins, increasing sales per RO, increasing the number of ROs and controlling expenses—and take home a Profit Potential Calculator built based on their own numbers.



Academy programs (DCA, GDM, ATD) include six intensive week-long classroom sessions at NADA Headquarters in Tysons, Va. Also provided are certificate and seminar programs that allow dealership managers to attend any of the first five weeks of the Academy program to hone skills specific to their needs.

Employee Template Worksheet

Fixed Ops F&I/BDC/Internet Mgrs Employee - All Depts Employee - Variable Ops … Employee - Fixed Ops Employee - BDC/Cust Svc/Admin Professional Advisor Sheet3 … Admin Dealer GM / Exec Dept Mgr - All Depts Dept Mgr - Variable Ops Dept Mgr - …

Fixed Ops Marketing in a Mobile First World

Effective digital and mobile marketing strategies can profitably increase service appointments, repair orders and dollars per RO. Learn to use Google and Facebook advertising to directly target your existing customer database online, and get a playbook for increasing fixed-ops website traffic, increase the conversion rate for that traffic and transacting parts sales online.


After you watch this workshop, you will be able to:


1. Describe how to to profitably use search marketing and retargeting to generate repair orders.

2. Describe how to optimize websites for the mobile service consumer.

3.  Create a service marketing prioritization strategy that provides for the highest ROI possible.


Convention Track: 

NADA Fixed Operations


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Reshaping Your Digital Experience for Millennials

Accelerate your profits by rethinking the customer experience for Millennials. By combining digital marketing and operational tools to consistently engage them at every stage of the purchase and service experience, you capture a greater share of their attention and multiply your revenue. AutoLoop’s Doug Van Sach will reveal some of the biggest digital experience gaps with Millennials and quantify lost financial opportunities for dealers based on our recent Automotive Digital Engagement Study of over four million dealer customers and 60,000 car shoppers.

Week Three: Fixed Ops 2 - Service

Fixed Ops 2 ServiceStudents are taught the importance of the service department and how it serves as the backbone of the dealership. Students will recognize the impact that properly designed processes have on

NADA University Launches Special Ops Training Programs in Academy, Allowing Dealership Managers to 'Zero In' on Their Departments

...capital by specific department. Fixed Ops I zeroes in on obsolescence, inventory control, stocking guides … management report. Fixed Ops II delves into the "three Ps" of service department management-profit …NADA University Launches Special Ops Training Programs in Academy, Allowing Dealership …

Week Two: Fixed Ops 1 - Parts

Students are exposed to the No. 1 problem in the parts department—obsolescence—and its costs and root causes. Students discover the importance of having the correct inventory mix and its impact on other departments.

Maximizing CP Labor Sales and Conversion in the Drive

Learn a proven system to greet and serve customers in the service drive. Discover how to put customers in an active buying mind-set and increase sales conversions.


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Five Ways to Take Back Service Profits From Competitors

Discover how to win and retain service customers by competing on your reputation for quality rather than on price alone. Hear about real-world marketing tactics that can be implemented to begin defending revenue against competitors, including major chains and independent service providers.

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Killer Mobile Marketing Strategies That Drive Sales

Learn how to build a strategy for marketing to mobile consumers. Discover how to optimize your online presence for mobile car buyers; websites for Google's mobile algorithm; paid search budgets, targeting, and landing pages for mobile automotive consumers; and mobile email sales and service campaigns.

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Improve the Ownership Experience and Increase Profits

If a customer defects from your service department, the revenue potential is $0, and average dealerships often see a 50% defection rate after the second or third service visit. However, technologies exist today to alleviate such situations, creating a premium ownership experience that consumers demand.  By following other retail experiences, such as those of Amazon and Uber, service departments can increase profitability through increased loyalty. See the truth behind common vehicle ownership myths and learn how your service department can reshape the customer experience to meet, if not exceed, rising consumer expectations.


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Selling Service To The Mobile Consumer

More than 70 percent of fixed ops searches are coming from mobile devices, more than double two years ago. Most dealers know that they get more than 50 percent of their gross profit from the service department, but few make marketing decisions that reflect that many dealers are losing the battle with brands such as Pep Boys and Jiffy Lube, which put more time and resources into digital mobile advertising. This session will provide real-world case studies from dealers who are winning this war by shrewdly investing in mobile marketing strategies and digital best practices that deliver service appointments and ROs.

Tags: NADAShow, 2018, A18ER01, fixed operations, marketing, digital, mobile, search, strategies

Replicate F&I Success with Menu Selling in the Service Lane

Can implementing menu presentations in your service lane improve accountability and increase revenue?

Pave The Path To Purchase: Turn Website Traffic Into Sales

More than half of your online traffic comes from mobile users, but most dealer websites still focus on the desktop experience In this session dealers will learn how to create a “mobile-first” approach to increase sales from your current mobile traffic; best practices for conversion and testing to maximize your leads, calls and sales; how to identify and fix website speed and load time problems; how to Use Google and Apple Wallet coupons to generate and retain fixed ops business; and the right way to transition your dealership to an ecommerce model for sales and service.

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Turn One-Time Visitors Into Lifetime Customers

With fixed ops comprising the majority of dealership profits, how can dealers thrive in their market area to gain more share and continue growing profitably? Sixty-four percent of dealers say retention is their number-one priority, but 85 percent don’t have the technology, tools and processes to enable a superior ownership experience. By following the example of other best-in-class retail experiences, service departments will increase profitability through increased retention and learn how your service department can reshape the customer experience to meet — or exceed — rising consumer expectations.

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Selling Service to the Mobile Consumer

Market Share for Various Fixed Ops Categories Dealer Non-Dealer 6 How Dealerships … Fixed Ops Study, US (n of 1,500 US consumers 18+ who purchased parts and/or service in the past 6 … Marketing is the Future 25 More than 50% of Fixed Ops Searches are Mobile More than half …

Rethink Your Fixed-Ops People Strategy to Drive Profits

Your Fixed Ops People Strategy to Drive Profitability Adam Robinson CEO Hireology Chicago … Strategies to Drive Fixed Ops Applicants … of dealers that would in any manner fix or stabilize the price or any element of the price of any good …

Achieve 100% Fixed Coverage Before the Next Meltdown

Learn to increase parts and shop throughput, compete effectively against independent shops and maximize effective labor rates and flat rate hours per RO while maximizing customer retention. Explore the top service department mistakes -- or opportunities -- that negatively impact customer retention and profitability, and discover solutions to implement immediately.

After you watch this workshop, you will be able to:

  1. List the procedures to calculate fixed coverage and breakeven.
  2. Describe profit opportunities are in your operation and what you need to do to take advantage of them.
  3. Build throughput and service sales.

Convention Track: NADA Fixed Operations

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How to Optimize Your Owner Retention Program (ORP)

...into a relationship and revenue building tool. Tags:Owner Retention Program, ORP, service marketing, fixed ops … marketing, fixed ops revenue …

Apply for CEU Credits

Apply for CEU Credits

$99 Billion Opportunity with Fixed Ops

Simply put, most dealerships leave money on the table when it comes to maintenance and repair. By improving the ownership experience associated with service, the auto industry can improve service retention and ultimately increase profitable growth. This workshop will show you how to capitalize on unrealized opportunities presented by fixed operations.

After you watch this workshop, you will be able to:

1. Deliver a customer experience that increases retention and profitability.
2. Emulate the customer experiences of best-in-class tech-based companies.
3. Describe how some traditional thoughts or behaviors are now really just myths.

Convention Track:
NADA Fixed Operations

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de7ar run an operationally efficient dealership inside and out

Fixed Operations Fixed Ops accounts for 82% Of registered vehicles were serviced in the past 12 … months by a third party of dealership gross profit Average dealership fixed ops sales $7,194,457 … communication including pictures Digital payments Digital fixed ops strategies generate on average …

Matrix or No Matrix Maximizing Parts Profits

Explore typical retail matrix pricing and wholesale pricing in the dealership parts operation. Review frequency of escalated retail pricing use and implement a sound pricing strategy to increase gross profit by building a retail scheme that is spread over retail, wholesale and internal pricing.


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Technicians Are Gold: Are You Mining for Yours?

Learn the importance of recruiting, training and retaining service technicians to grow and maintain your fixed- operations business. The industry is facing a serious shortage of service technicians stemming from explosive fixed-ops growth and a strengthening economy. How are you attracting and keeping top talent?


Tags:  technicians, retaining, hiring, compensation, mechanics, service advisors, service technicians, human resources, employee relations, retention, recruiting, hiring practices, throughput, fixed operations, fixed ops, n51, convention, 2016, nada, workshop, coker, brett; martin, david, 16wks, wks, commercial truck

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