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A Dealer Guide to Federal Excise Tax Compliance (TLR26) - This dealer guide explains the importance of dealers complying with the Federal Excise Tax.

ATD Performance Measurement 2015 (TD08) - Review relevant comparative analyses and 60 critical operating variables for commercial truck dealers, along with information on parts, service and the body shop.

A Dealer Guide to Used Trucks: The Forgotten Profit Center (TDO11) - Discover best practices used by dealers with successful used-truck departments.

A Dealer Guide to Selecting IT Vendors (BM40) - Learn a process for selecting IT vendors, from the initial vendor's product evaluation through the final selection and implementation.

A Dealer Guide to Choosing and Working with Your CPA (BM21) - Learn what to look for in a dealership financial advisor and how the relationship should work.

A Dealer Guide to Internet Process Management (BM38) - Discover the growing importance of the internet in branding and marketing in automobile dealerships.

Checklist for IT and DMS Dealer Operations (BM36) - Learn how to assess costs and requirements for hardware, networking and training for DMS and other IT needs in each department.

A Dealer Guide to Cash Flow Management (BM33) - Learn about cash flow in dealerships and gives a four-step method to learn what consumes cash and how to manage cash flow.

A Dealer Guide to Property-Casualty Insurance Coverage (BM18) - Review employment-related practices, presumptive liability, driving standards, disaster planning and furnished auto programs.

A Dealer Guide to a Dealer Survival Checklist (BM39) - Discover the top business priorities to assess in times of economic crisis and focuses on controlling receivables and inventories to manage cash and maximize revenue production.

A Dealer Guide to Driving Dealership Performance (BM34) - Review the results of a landmark NADA study across automotive brands to identify and measure the activities, practices and behaviors that drive dealership financial profitability.

A Dealer Guide to Computer Policies: Eliminating Risks (BM32) - Learn how to protect your dealership from hackers, digital thieves, viruses, spyware and competitors.

A Dealer Guide to the Credit Crisis: Implications and Opportunities (BM37) - This guide gives practical suggestions on business model adjustments, long-term debt management, liquidity and improving sales efficiency.

A Dealer Guide to Insurance Analysis Checklist (BM13) - Review insurance policies important to dealerships, and details common risks and available coverage.

A Dealer Guide to The Internet Challenge: Structuring Your Dealership for Success (SL42) - Learn how implementing a phone script can help increase internet customers' chances of finding the right vehicle.

A Dealer Guide to Solid Waste Management: The NADA WasteWise Program (BM16) - Review the EPA's WasteWise program in 1994 on how to reduce workplace materials that were discarded as solid waste or trash.

Analyzing Customer-Pay Service (SP24) - Discover how to analyze customer-pay labor in order to fine-tune variable rates and achieve labor sales potential.

A Dealer Guide to a Customer Relations Checklist (CR2) - Learn to assess customer relations across all departments as a way to increase repeat and referral business.

A Dealer Guide to Basic Telephone Skills for Dealership Personnel (CR4) - Discover best practices and tips for proper business telephone etiquette.

A Dealer Guide to Customer Relations: Profits, Not Problems (CR1) - This guide examines dealer consumer relations and focuses on practical preventive measures that dealers can take to mitigate risks.

A Dealer Guide to Automotive CRM (CR8) - Discover basic information and advice that dealers can use to navigate the process of CRM vendor selection, system installation, training, and maintenance.

A Dealer Guide to Dealership Valuation (BM15) - Discover a process for valuing car and truck dealerships in situations such as buy-sell transactions, estate and gift tax settings, ownership succession planning and shareholder buy-in or buy-out.

A Dealer Guide to Business Succession Planning (BM43) - Learn five planning processes that must be undertaken concurrently to guarantee a successful dealership transition.

A Dealer Guide to Energy Star: Putting Energy into Profits (BM31) - Discover energy efficiency opportunities in the dealership, including easy modifications to existing facilities as well as new installations.

A Dealer Guide to Preventing and Detecting Fraud (BM42) - Learn how to detect and prevent acts of employee fraud in your dealership.

A Dealer Guide to Leveraging the Internet to Drive Sales (BM41) - Learn to better assess the needs of online consumers and how to meet them. Included are ideas and best practices for integrating your Internet operations with overall dealership processes and other strategies.

A Dealer Guide to New Owner Orientation Seminars: Small Cost = Big Payoff (SP19) - Discover the benefits and how to implement new owner orientation in your dealership.

A Dealer Guide to Building a Special Finance Department (SL38) - Learn best practices and principles to develop special finance operations.

A Dealer Guide to Financial Management (BM20) - Learn how to analyze volumes of dealership financial plans and make comparisons that will reveal the truth behind the numbers.

A Dealer Guide to Leasing as a Finance Alternative (SL20) - Discover the benefits of vehicle leasing for both the dealership and customers.

A Dealer Guide to F&I: Selling to All Customers (SL34) - Review an overview of customer relations, the finance process, and menu presentation.

A Dealer Guide to Creating a Dealership Emergency Response Plan (L41) - Discover how to prevent and manage potential emergency situations. Learn how to plan for a variety of emergency situations.

A Dealer Guide to Employment Eligibility Verification (L21) - Learn how to properly complete Form I-9 and offers information on a number of common employment eligibility verification (EEV) issues.

A Dealer Guide to Adverse Action Notices (L49) - Learn when dealers must issue an adverse action notice, what the notice must say, when dealers can rely on a finance source's notice, and other important issues.

A Dealer Guide to the Americans With Disabilities Act – Part 2 (L29) - Learn how to help dealers comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The law was enacted to provide a wide variety of opportunities and services to persons with disabilities.

A Dealer Guide to Federal Excise Tax Compliance (TLR26) - Review the Federal Excise Tax (FET), which imposes a 12 percent tax on the first retail sale of a taxable body, chassis, or tractor.

A Dealer Guide to OSHA Single and Multi-Piece Rim Service Rule (TLR9) - Learn how to comply with the OSHA Rim Service Rule, which regulates the servicing of rim wheels used on trucks, tractors, trailers and buses.

A Dealer Guide to the OSHA Respiratory Protection Rule (L38) - Aimed to assist dealership body shops in meeting the Oct. 5, 1998 compliance deadline.

A Dealer Guide to HIPPA: Dealership Compliance with the Medical Information Privacy Rule (L45) - Review HIPAA and discusses what dealerships must do to comply with this federal law.

A Dealer Guide to Family and Medical Leave Act (L33) - Discover how the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) affects dealerships and what dealerships must do to comply with this federal law.

A Dealer Guide to Updated OSHA Asbestos Standards – L18 - Oct. 1, 1995 was the deadline for an OSHA workplace standard which differed from the earlier standard in that it made a list of asbestos control strategies mandatory. This archived guide explained the rule and its relevance to dealers.

A Dealer Guide to Federal Hazmat Transportation Regulations, 3rd ed. (L37) - Review an overview of dealership and Hazmat employee responsibilities under the federal hazardous materials transportation law, and covers classification, training, packaging, and other requirements.

A Dealer Guide to the Americans With Disabilities Act – Part 1 (L27) - Review the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted on July 26, 1990.

A Dealer Guide to Consumer Leasing: Regulation M (L34) - Review the consumer leasing regulatory guidance.

A Dealer Guide to the Federal Hazardous Waste Law (L15) - Review the amended 1984 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the federal law that protected human health and the environment from improper waste management practices.

A Dealer Guide to Federal Records Retention and Reporting (L03) - Learn how to help dealers comply with federal regulations covering record-keeping and reporting.

A Dealer Guide to Wage-Hour Self Audit: Are You in Compliance with the FLSA? (BM30) - Review what dealerships must do to be in compliance with the FLSA.

A Dealer Guide to Clarification of the Timing Requirements for Truth in Lending Act Disclosures (L40) - Review the Truth in Lending Act and what dealers must do to be in compliance.

A Dealer Guide to the Risk-Based Pricing Rule (L53) - Learn about the Risk-based Pricing Rule (RBPR) and how it is to be applied at the dealership.

A Dealer Guide to FTC Guidelines on Fuel Economy Advertising for New Automobiles and Light (L14) - Learn how preventive consumer relations measures can help mitigate risks.

A Dealer Guide to the Fair Labor Standards and Equal Pay Acts (L01) - Review the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) as it sets minimum wage, overtime, equal pay, record-keeping, and child labor standards.

A Dealer Guide to Federal Tax Issues (L32) - Review the many federal tax considerations that confront dealerships. Includes accounting methods, cash reporting, owner compensation, depreciation, factory franchise agreements, IRS examinations and UNICAP.

A Dealer Guide to Taxpayer Identification and Backup Withholding (BM10) - Review the requirements of the Interest and Dividend Tax Compliance Act, and offers suggestions for dealer compliance.

A Dealer Guide to the EPA Underground Storage Tank Regulations (L23) - Review regulations on dealers who store petroleum substances, such as gasoline, diesel, used oil, and automatic transmission fluid in USTs.

A Dealer Guide to NADA and ATD Federal Regulatory Compliance Chart: 2nd Edition (L48) - Review a list of many major federal regulations that apply to auto and truck dealerships.

A Dealer Guide to FTC Affiliate Marketing Rule (L51) - Review the FTC Affiliate Marketing Rule, as well as existing information-sharing restrictions under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

A Dealer Guide to the FHWA Motor Carrier Regulations (TR25) - Review the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs) Act and addresses perceived deficiencies in the licensing, testing and qualification of commercial motor vehicle drivers.

A Dealer Guide to Federal Advertising Requirements (L55) - Learn how to comply with federal advertising requirements on the sale, financing and leasing of automotive products and services.

A Dealer Guide to OSHA Single and Multi-Piece Rim Service Rule (TLR9) - Review the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations for servicing single and multi-piece rim wheels used on trucks, tractors, trailers, and buses.

A Dealer Guide to Electronic Disclosure Rules for Dealership Online Commerce (L52) - Review the Federal Reserve Board rules requiring dealers to provide certain disclosures electronically.

A Dealer Guide to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard (L22) - Learn how to evaluate chemical hazards and transmit information to employers and employees about those hazards and appropriate protective measures.

A Dealer Guide to FTC Red Flags and Address Discrepancy Rules (L50) - Review several FTC regulations relevant to dealers.

A Dealer Guide to Federal Tax Treatment of Demos (L17) - Review the IRS's simplified methods for valuing the use of demonstrator vehicles by full-time salespersons and other dealership employees.

A Dealer Guide to the FTC Privacy Rule and the Model Privacy Notice (L54) - Review the requirements of the Privacy Rule and related requirements under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

A Dealer Guide to Product Liability (TLR5) - Discover how to assess product liability risks and protect dealerships from litigation in the event of physical harm or property damage.

A Dealer Guide to How to Comply With the Law: A Dealer Guide to the Federal Odometer Law (L25) - In April 1989, to prevent odometer tampering at dealerships, NHTSA introduced a series of new regulations governing mileage disclosure. This guide explains the regulations and what dealers have to do to comply with them.

A Dealer Guide to Appraisal to Trade Ratios (SL41) - Discover how the ratio of trades taken in compared to vehicles appraised is an important indicator of a dealership's health.

A Dealer Guide to Delivering the Safety that Comes with the Car (CR05) - Review the major automotive safety features to help dealerships promote highway safety.

A Dealer Guide to Save-a-Deal Meetings (SL39) - Discover an interactive, positive approach to conducting the meetings and using them as training opportunities.

A Dealer Guide to Used-Vehicle Strategies and Solutions (SL15) - Discover how personnel, inventory, marketing, and management can help increase used-car sales.

A Dealer Guide to Selling Vehicle Safety (SL37) - Discover a number of approaches to introducing and selling safety features to customers.

A Dealer Guide to Auctions: Controlling Inventory, Increasing Profits (SL17) - Learn about computerized and online appraisal tools, buying and selling at auction and Internet auctions. Included are checklists, forms and a glossary of auction terms.

A Dealer Guide to Increasing Sales through Prospecting (SL18) - Learn what is missing from the traditional sales approach and how to build mental ownership.

A Dealer Guide to an NADA Inventory Planner (SL8) - Discover an organized plan for ordering and managing vehicle inventory.

A Dealer Guide to Safeguarding Customer Information – (L43) - Review the FTC's Safeguards Rule and compliance responsibilities for dealers.

A Dealer Guide to the Trade Appraisal Process in a Transparent Market (SL40) - This guide examines the best practices of maintaining an efficient and effective trade evaluation process, focusing on a consultative approach that assumes the consumer has access to the same information as the appraiser.

A Dealer Guide to Service and Parts Communication: Creating a Fixed Operations Team (SP22) - Learn how to help the parts and service departments function as a team and resolve common conflicts.

A Dealer Guide to Parts Checkup: Performance Level Analysis (SP7) - Review a checklist to help dealers and general managers better understand how their parts departments operate and perform.

A Dealer Guide to Parts Management and Profitability, 3rd ed. (SP5) - Addresses personnel requirements, profit centering, inventory control and marketing. Figures from NADA Data and NADA 20 Groups are offered to help dealers and parts managers compete in a changing parts market.

A Dealer Guide to Top Five Ideas for Managing Parts Department Inventory Performance (SP30) - Discover the five most significant challenges dealers and parts managers face in managing parts inventory and offers suggestions for what to do about each one.

A Dealer Guide to Improving Parts Inventory Efficiency (SP2) - Learn how to calculate and improve a dealership's months' supply level and turn rates.

A Dealer Guide to Parts Inventory Management (SP21) - Discover seven key indicators of inventory performance: days’ supply, level of service, obsolescence, non-stock investment, non-stock sales, emergency purchases and lost sales.

A Dealer Guide to Diversity as a Business Imperative, 2nd ed. (ER12) - Learn how to define diversity for your business and implement an inclusive corporate culture.

A Dealer Guide to Preparing for a Warranty Audit (SP14) - Learn ways to avoid warranty audits and make an actual audit less expensive and stressful.

A Dealer Guide to Service and Parts Communication: Creating a Fixed Operations Team (SP22) - Learn how to help the parts and service departments function as a team and resolve common conflicts.

A Dealer Guide to Repair Order Analysis (SP3) - Compare current service department performance with true sales potential.

A Dealer Guide to the Three Ps of Effective Service Management: Profit, Productivity, Personnel (SP23) - Discover service department tools to analyze and increase profitability, productivity, and personnel effectiveness while delivering customer satisfaction.

A Dealer Guide to Handling the Morning Service Rush (SP25) - Discover the proper methods of needs assessments, vehicle inspections, reviewing maintenance work and providing estimates.

A Dealer Guide to Technician Retention (SP13) - Learn findings for a technician focus group including suggested methods for retention.

A Dealer Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Truck Technicians (TDO17) - Learn what truck dealerships can do to meet burgeoning customer demand in their service departments.

A Dealer Guide to Service Department Performance Analysis (SP29) - Review a set of service performance guidelines for dealers.

A Dealer Guide to the Effective Service Advisor (SP10) - Learn how to assess the appearance, demeanor and productivity of service advisors.

A Dealer Guide to Recruiting and Developing Technicians (SP20) - Discover how to find qualified automotive technicians with a more aggressive approach.