Member Programs & Services

NADA provides additional member-only programs and services to help members stay current and keep dealerships running smoothly and profitably.

    NADA Academy

    NADA Academy programs prepare current and future dealership leaders to direct and improve the operations and financial performance of each department within the dealership. NADA's subject-matter experts cover the latest in industry trends and fundamentals needed to operate a successful and profitable dealership.

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    NADA 20 Group Program

    NADA 20 Group programs equip dealers and managers with best practices, new ideas and financial comparisons to improve business performance and profitability.

    NADA and ATD 20 Groups encompass virtually all franchises and offer a variety of meeting formats with non-competing dealers grouped by franchise, volume, geographic location, travel preferences, and budget. Programs include internet groups, all-make truck groups, fixed operations groups, custom and composite-only groups and the traditional franchise specific groups.

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    In-Dealership Consulting Services

    NADA's In-Dealership Consulting Services can help increase your dealership's profitability!  NADA's industry experts assist you in finding and fixing problems, improving processes, applying best practices and executing solutions.

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    NADA Education

    NADA offers premier education opportunities, ranging from in-person training and consultation to webinars and other online learning opportunities.

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    Regulatory Resources

    The Regulatory Affairs Group coordinates its activities with NADA's Legislative Affairs group on subjects of common concern, works closely with state and metro dealer associations, and regularly engages with other industry trade associations. Regulatory Affairs also prepares compliance-oriented guides, bulletins and articles and directly provides compliance advice to dealerships.

    Search or browse Regulatory topics, news, updates and other reference materials in the Regulatory Affairs area of the website. You must be logged in as a member to view content.

    NADA Retirement from Empower

    NADA Retirement from Empower offers Dealer members access to one of the best in class retirement plans with competitive pricing as an NADA member, a wide array of investment options, innovative investment tools and fiduciary support from CAPTRUST- 3(38) Investment Manager and National Retirement Services, Inc.-3(16) Administrator.

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    NADA Insurance

    NADA endorsed life insurance programs are available exclusively to dealer members. Dealers may select from Dealer Life and Manager Life term and level premium term products, as well as Employee Group and Individual term life programs, all of which are underwritten by our carrier New York Life Insurance Company.

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