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Getting Involved Makes a Difference

New car and truck dealers are effectively positioned to build long-term grassroots relationships with members of Congress.

Most Representatives and Senators would welcome the opportunity to visit dealerships in their districts and interact with those whose livelihoods depend on the continued success of the franchised dealers.

What You Can Do—It’s Simple and Easy

    Host a member of Congress (or a staff member) at your dealership;
     º Contact your representative: House   |   Senate.
• Write a letter in support of NADA’s Legislative Priorities.
• Stay up-to-date on key issues with NADA Headlines.
• See photos of dealers who have hosted an elected official.

Learn more

Contact Patrick Calpin, NADA Director of Grassroots Advocacy, (202) 547-5500, toll-free: (800) 563-1556; fax: (202) 479-0168; or email: