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Jobs Bounce Debated As Trump Promises CAFE Review

President Trump’s plan to conduct a second midterm review of federal fuel-economy and carbon-dioxide emissions standards arguably sets right a wrong because the previous examination was rushed through with limited industry input ...
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Auto Makers Target China as New U.S. Trade Rules Loom

Top auto makers, facing the threat of costly North American trade policy changes, want the Trump administration to take a harder line on a market thousands of miles from their home turf.
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Mexico Stops Sweating Over Fate of NAFTA

So far, cooler heads on both sides of the border have prevailed, paving the way for negotiations later this year that may find the right mix of concessions to keep the trilateral trading bloc alive for another quarter century.
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NADA Launches Nationwide Initiative

New nationwide effort promotes the consumer and community benefits of local dealerships

NADA has launched a new initiative designed to promote the benefits of local new car and truck dealerships for consumers, local communities and manufacturers alike. 

The new initiative includes a website and social media channels and features videos of real consumers and dealership staff voicing the benefits of local dealerships in their own words.

"Local dealerships benefit consumers and local communities alike - through price competition that drives down prices, and good paying jobs that drive local economies," said NADA Chairman Mark Scarpelli, who operates four dealerships near Chicago, Illinois. "But doesn't come from the perspective of dealers - it comes from the perspective of real consumers, dealership staff and community leaders who have seen the benefits of local dealerships first hand."

The initiative is being taken up by state and local dealership associations across the country. Robert Glaser, who runs the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association and chairs Automotive Trade Association Executives (ATAE), plans to be the first state association to take up the initiative. "Local dealerships benefit consumers and local communities in North Carolina and across America," said Glaser. "NCADA is taking up this initiative, and we encourage local dealerships and dealer associations to promote it as well."

NADA will be promoting the initiative throughout 2017 across its digital media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. The initiative was launched as part of NADA's 100th Anniversary.

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